Beauty Best Bet: Aroma Amour with Marbela Products

Smell is one of the first things we notice. Whether we walk into a bakery because that warm sweet scent of sugar cookies pulls us in, or we step foot on the beach and the smell of salt air greets us. Smell is very important. So, even before I opened my package from Marbela, I could smell the powerful fragrances of essential oils. Even my dog came over to investigate what smelled so good. I found soap, shower fuzzies, and a body scrub. Each one smelling as delicious as the next. In the shower, even better – which I didn’t think was even possible.

Eucalyptus Shower Fizzies
The most aromatic item was the Eucalyptus Shower Fizzies. These little stars pack a titanic punch. I opened them up and was greeted with an herbal bomb. I reckon these would feel amazing if congestion during flu season. I popped on the shower floor and my bathroom was swimming with that green eucalyptus scent. A perfect way to start my morning.

Coco Vanilla Soap
Coco Vanilla Soap is a soft, slightly squishy handmade soap bar, which is tri-colored and smells like the classic flavor combo we all know and love. Fluffy suds bloom when I add water and the bubbles glide over my arms and legs, leaving me moisturized and squeaky clean. Best part: this is 100% vegetarian & cruelty-free, so I can shower with peace of mind.

Coffee and Sugar Body Scrub
Now for the undoubtedly prettiest product: the Coffee and Sugar Body Scrub. Flecks of sparkle throughout the deep brown scrub, make it almost too beautiful to use. I got over that feeling quickly as I smoothed the scrub over my legs. The coffee scent amplified with the steam and I was transported to my local cafe. After I rinsed it off, my legs shimmered like a thousand stars. I want to shower just thinking about it.

Marbela is a brand that prides itself on all natural, and I must say, it pays off for them. I’ll be checking out more of their line very soon. Shop it all HERE.