BEAUTY BEST BET: BECCA Zero No Pigment Virtual Foundation

becca no pigment foundation

Wait… what? A pigment-free foundation? How the hell does that work? Oh, just beautifully. You might also ask yourself, “What’s the point?” or “Why wear any product at all?” BECCA Zero No Pigment Virtual Foundation is a virtual foundation that ACTUALLY works. Stay with me here. This product takes the guesswork out of shade matching to your skin tone and eliminates you wavering over whether or not you are warm or cool toned. This clear formula adds a transparent, matte finish to skin. You can smooth it on with your fingers and banish shine. It lets your skin color and things like freckles be the focus, rather than caking on product to cover and conceal. You get a diffused, blurred, and smoothed look, all the while controlling oil. While a no pigment foundation might seem like an absolute anomaly, it’s really a revolution in face products.