Beauty Best Bet: DefenAge 6 Week Perfection Neck Cream

Most skincare routines focus on the face, often ignoring the neck area, yet your neck is one of the most age-sensitive areas of your body and the one that, if you’ve kept your face wrinkle free, will tell the real story and undercut your effort. The skin of your neck is extremely vulnerable to environmental damage with looser skin and weaker muscles, resulting in “compound laxity and discoloration over time,” according to Vivian Bucay M.D.. Every woman who attempts to fool Father Time should pay particularly care to its upkeep.

DefenAge has recently launched a fast-acting, tightening, 6-week Perfection Neck Cream with age-repair defensins.
DefenAge is a dermatologist-recommended retinol alternative that visibly rejuvenates the skin. We have reviewed DefenAge’s repair creams before and can vouch for their efficacy. 

Designed to deliver treatment-like results in 6 weeks, the new Defenage 6-week Perfection Neck Cream repairs loose neck skin to make it firmer and gradually erase its wrinkles and folds. With fifteen clinical studies to support the safety and efficacy of DefenAge’s formulas and age-repair defensins, the new launch signifies a breakthrough in topical skincare for the tightening and moisturization of neck skin. 
According to dermatologist Amy Forman Taub, M.D.: “The 6-Week Perfection Neck Cream is a valuable addition to the DefenAge line to treat the fragile skin of the neck, which can typically get irritated from standard anti-aging creams like retinol. I recommend the new anti-aging neck cream to address skin brightness, improve the visible thickness of the skin, and reduce the appearance of the wrinkles on the neck where aging is often more noticeable.”
DefenAge 6-week Perfection Neck Cream has no parabens, fragrances, formaldehydes, phthalates, silicones or polyethylene glycols (PEGs) either and is free from any animal and human-derived ingredients.
I love this product. After one week of use, I already noticed a difference in my neck that is starting to reveal lines and suffer from a lack of laxity. Using a moisturizer for the face won’t work as well on your neck, as the neck’s skin is different. Pick the DefenAge 6-week Perfection Neck Cream for yourself or a best friend to bring out a more youthful neck (which attracts special attention now that your face is masked up) and start the new year with a neck that defies gravity at
 You can also find it at most dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons, med spas, and other aesthetic service providers.


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