Beauty Best Bet: Deck of Scarlet Over-Arching Brow Kit

Deck of Scarlet’s Over-Arching Brow Kits are the gold standard for brow beauty. These kits, housed in sleek, black palettes, hold a clear Brow Setting Balm, a Brow Shaping Powder in one of five different shades, a Microfine Brow Pencil in a shade that corresponds to the powder, and dual-ended Fluff & Feather brush with a two-sided brush and comb on one end and an angled brush on the other. The packaging means business. Deck of Scarlet’s brow kits are NOT treating brows as an afterthought but rather as an integral part of the building of your entire look for the day. DoS truly streamlines the process, making it intuitive and easy. Here’s how it works: You can layer the products to create a sculpted yet natural brow look or you can use each element a la carte depending on your mood and the look you are going for. Dip the bristle side F&F Brush in the Brow Setting Balm to activate the formula. You can dampen it with your favorite makeup setting spray before you dip. Brush through your brows in the direction you wish to shape them, then use the comb side to neaten things up. Use the angled end of the brush and fill in sparse areas with the balm and powder combo. Use the MBP to finish your look. Or use any one of these items a la carte to address your brow concerns. The true beauty in this product is that each piece can be used in concert or on their own to create a strong and shaped, yet natural-looking brow.