BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: Almay Make Them Jelly Hi Lite

An iridescent, dewy glow inspired by magical, mythical creatures and beasts like mermaids and unicorns remains a major makeup trend in 2018. Drugstore brand Almay has just dropped the Make Them Jelly Hi Lite. The gel-textured highlighter adds glitter, shimmer and sheen, illuminating and hydrating skin in one swipe. Mermaid Magic deposits an ultra violet halo wherever you place it — along the brow bone, on cheeks, around the Cupid’s bow, along the collarbone, and more. Unicorn Light does the same, except with the prettiest pink shimmer.

If you want to enjoy an all-over glow you, you can mix the Make Them Jelly with your regular moisturizer and slather it all over your body. Glow, baby, glow! The texture is like a bouncy ball and pudding! So just a little dab will go a long, long way! I actually got a drop in my hair when first playing with it and I just left it there and it mimicked diamond dust in my strands.