BEAUTY BEST BET OF THE DAY: Aveo Daily Use Contact Lenses + Kat Von D Lash Liner

I have inadvertently discovered a true power couple that has made my life better and happier. As a daily wearer of contact lenses and a lover of black eyeliner, two products have come into my life that are basically everything I want and need in both of those categories. They work in concert with with one another! Anyone who rocks contacts and loves to wear several eye makeup products on a daily basis know such a routine can be MURDER on your lenses and your eyes themselves. Well, Aveo’s Daily Use contact lenses and subscription service are the best solution I have found. They hold up and keep my vision clear and crisp no matter, which is obviously the priority, no matter how much eye makeup I pile on. Two coats of super dark and thick mascara? Liquid eyeliner on the upper lashline? Four smoky eyeshadow shades, buffed and blended to perfection? A liquid, waterline lash liner? All of the above have been used and re-used while wearing a pair of the Aveo disposable contacts. I never experienced a single second of discomfort while rocking these on my corneas and paired with lots of eye makeup.

The true test was Kat Von D’s innovative Lash Liner. It’s a wet, liquid liner designed to be applied to the lower lashline and waterline, and to last all day and deep into the night. It legit does not budge. You pull your lower lid down, apply slowly, allow it to set, and then go about your life. I expected a liquid liner on the waterline to be a total mess and to get stuck to my contacts, making them uncomfortable or ruined! But I conducted this experiment and none of that happened. This is a combo you need to incorporate into your makeup routine! The Aveos are super comfy to wear and are no-commitment; although I do admit that I wore a pair more than once and they were STILL comfortable. Ironically enough, these short term lenses work in perfect unison with your totally committed and long-wear makeup.