Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Deck of Scarlet x James Goldcrown Threeway Lip Oil

Ok, so we know that the Best Bets recommendations this month have been lip-heavy, but with good reason. Lips can really take the brunt of a brutal winter season so we want to do our part to give you the intel on all the best products to keep your pout in tip top, healthy, supple, and plump shape — behind a mask or not! Digitally native brand Deck of Scarlet has teamed up with graffiti artist James Goldcrown to create this sumptuous lip oil. The Deck of Scarlet x James Goldccrown Threeway Solid Lip Oil will saturate lips with ALL the hydration and shine. Goldcrown, known for his signature heart design, co-created the packaging and the shimmery and sheer gold hue. We know. You are thinking, “A solid lip oil? How does that work?!” Don’t question it. It just…does. This mega moisturizing formula does three things beautifully. It hydrates and moistens like an oil, adds the pigment of a lipstick, and the shine of a gloss. It’s basically perfect. One coat delivers medium coverage color and sheen. A second coat adds more megawatt shine. Go forth and experiment and play, all the while keeping your lips healthy and smooth.