Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Half Magic Mouth Cloud + Sculptitude (HBO’s Euphoria)

Half Magic co-founder Donni also serves as the Makeup Director of HBO’s Euphoria. And if you are dialed into pop culture, you know that the show’s makeup looks are nothing short of stunning, groundbreaking, and a key part of each character’s story as much as their style. Since lip layering is such a huge trend for 2022, Half Magic has these super soft, super fluffy MOUTH CLOUD Lip Creams and SCULPTITUDE Lip Liners. You MUST pair them for the most DNA-distinct lip looks. You can rock totally artsy makeup looks a la the show or do a simple, precise lip look. These duos are THAT versatile. MOUTH CLOUD is buttery and blurred, with a matte finish. Each hue has a corresponding SCULPTITUDE dual-ended lipliner, which complement and adjust to the MOUTH CLOUD shade. Now, go forth, and mix and matte.