Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Merit Lipsticks

MERIT is a wonderfully effective minimalist brand, rolling out new products that are designed to amplify your features, in measured fashion. The new MERIT Signature Lightweight Lipstick is the formula for women who don’t wear lipstick. It will also become a Holy Grail for women that do so on the daily. The finish is soft and satin, while the texture is creamy and hydrating. The bullet will glide across your pout with the lightness of a balm but give you the color payoff of traditional lipstick. You can layer multiple coats for a deeper, more precise lip or you can swipe ‘n’ go for effortless glam. You get all of the color, minus the clingy feeling that a typically heavier lipstick has. The color range is only eight shades so far, but it’s carefully curated and well-edited assortment of neutrals that will work with any skin tone. If you like to customize your lipstick so it’s as distinct as your DNA, you can mix and match any of these shades for a hyper personal hue. My personal favorite is Baby, a warm and neutral pink. Slip, a warm neutral, is my runner-up. MERIT Signature Lightweight Lipstick is just the treat your pucker has been looking for.