Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Morphe x Sour Patch Kids Sour Then Sweet Artistry Eyebrow Palette

Morphe’s collabs are really on fire this year. The Morphe x Sour Patch Kids limited edition collection is an excellent choice for all your Halloween makeup looks. If you want to rock bright, bold, and loud eye looks during the costume season, you need to get your mitts on the Morphe x Sour Patch Kids Sour Then Sweet Artistry Eyeshadow Palette. It hosts 18 pans of technicolor shades that break any and all of those tired makeup rules. Lemon Squeeze, Blue Raspberry, Gimme Grape, Orange Craze, and Redberry are just a few of the major mattes that call this palette home. There are super shimmery shades, too, such as the lavender Sugar Crush and the blue Major Mood. Go ahead and experiment with shades you might not have initially gravitated towards, piling them on or mixing and matte-ing to increase intensity. But you can also incorporate some of the most vibrant shades in your daily routine — pop them in the inner corners or use as upper or lower lash line liners.

One thing is for sure: this palette doesn’t look like anything else in your arsenal. Who needs to go trick-or-treating to get some candy when you can rock a candy-inspired eye palette?