Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Revlon x Barbie Compact

With summer on the horizon, and perhaps some staycation-style day trips or short and semi-local road trips on your calendar, you need to pack lightly. One of the cutest things you can tuck into your backpack, weekender, or crossbody is the Revlon x Barbie compact mirror — available at drugstores nationwide. You can check your eyeliner, your bangs, your nose hairs, and even make sure your mask is positioned evenly on your face. Even cooler, the mirror offers 3 times the magnification. So you can also use it to pluck tiny, errant hairs along your browbone or chin. The black case boasts hot pink Barbie iconography like hearts, palm trees and high ponytails sprinkled all over the cap — and is too effing cute. It’s totally fine if you buy five of these based on nostalgia alone. Seriously.