Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Stila Matte Stay All Day Eyeliner

Stila’s Stay All Day liquid liner is already perfect. The felt tip, the intense color, and the immovable formula made it a holy grail among makeupistas that do a daily cat eye or flick. Well, the brand tinkered with the formula but DO. NOT. PANIC. They made it better. No, I’m not kidding. Stila Matte Stay All Day Eyeliner is darker, richer, and it’s majorly matte. It’s the blackest of the black liquid liners and it doesn’t come off until you grab the strongest eye makeup remover you can find. The tip is also flawless; you can draw your flick as thin or as thick as you wish. It’s rare that a brand can improve a beloved product, but Stila did just that.