Beauty Best Bet of the Day: TRESLUCE Lips B. Like… Plumping Lip Gloss

Tresluce Beauty, the makeup brand launched by stunning singer Becky G, just dropped the most luscious plumping lip glosses. The Lips B Like… Plumping Lip Gloss is Lip Gloss, V. 2022. The incredibly moisturizing formula and neutral shades will give you the shiniest, sexiest, and most plush lips of your life. The formula wears comfortably and isn’t sticky nor does it sting and irritate your pout, like many plumping glosses of yore aka the ’00s. Even better, the giant applicator lets you gloss-and-go with just two swipes. Oh, and the vanilla scent is soft, subtle, and so, so kissable. Your lips will be moist and sumptuous every time you wear this gloss. My personal fave shades: Champagne Sips (soft, sheer pink); Dazzling (glittery gold); Delicioso (sparkling terracotta brown); and Nena (bright coral). I actually mixed two shades for my own custom lip look! I applied one coat of Nena, blotted it down, and then added two swipes of Champagne Sips for a DNA-distinct, megawatt shine. Move over, mattes! Make room for Lips B Like… Plumping Lip Gloss.