Beauty Best Bet: PAI Skincare For Glowing Winter Skin

Thanksgiving heralds the start of all end-of-the-year’s festivities,  even as Covid is throwing a bit of a damper on the celebrations. Even if your skin is often hidden behind a mask, it requires special care in the cold months. Kate Burton, Pai’s skincare specialist shares her expert skincare secrets for maintaining bright, plump, and hydrated skin with the certified-vegan, organic, and cruelty-free skincare brand, Pai.

Pai is formulated for all skin types, whether your skin suffers from dehydration, eczema, or excess oil. Follow this routine for gorgeous skin not only during the holidays but all throughout the winter.

Kate Burton compares layering our skincare to layering our clothing in the fall and winter months. 

Q: What happens to our skin in the winter and what’s the best way to address those concerns?
KB: In the winter, our skin is exposed to harsh weather and environmental conditions such as heating, harsh winds, hot showers or baths that suck the moisture from our skin, leaving it feeling dry, itchy and sometimes cracked. Just as you would put on layers to keep the warmth in your body, you layer your products to drive and keep moisture in your skin.

Q: What’s the right order for layering basic products?
KB: It’s always lightest to heaviest. Think of when you layer your clothes with a T-shirt, sweater, and winter coat. Serums are your lightest product, so they quickly penetrate the deepest part of the epidermis and work from the bottom upwards. Creams are next as they help to lock in moisture and work from the top down, nourishing the skin. Oils create a barrier to help lock moisture in and condition the surface layer of skin. They don’t have any water content which is why they stay more on the surface of the skin.  

Q: What products work best for layering and what ingredients should I look out for? 
KB: Applying a hydrating serum like Pai’s Back to Life will replenish the skin’s hydration levels. It contains hyaluronic acid, which is the perfect addition to a winter skincare routine as it helps keep the skin plump, smooth and hydrated. Pai’s new Instant Kalmer Serum is also fantastic to help bring zen to unsettled skin, complete with ceramides which help strengthen the skin barrier. To lock that in use a good hydrating cream like our Love & Haight moisturizer, which has jojoba oil to help maintain the moisture barrier. As the skin gets drier in the winter you want more nourishment to protect it against the elements. Finally, applying an oil like our Rosehip Bioregenerate over top on these really harsh winter days will give your skin that added bit of protection and lock that moisture in. 

Kate Burton’s recommended products:

The new Pai Instant Kalmer Serum is enriched with sea aster to calm skin and prevent redness over time.  Ceramides strengthen the barrier. Free from ingredients that irritate rosacea and eczema, you can find it at

The Pai Back to life Serum is like a glass of water for thirsty skin with its high hyaluronic acid content and antioxidant rich berries that protect against moisture loss. It works best for sensitive or eczema -prone skin that experience dehydration and dullness. Order it at

The Pai Love & Haight Moisturizer is a feast for dehydrated skin thanks to its avocado and jojoba oils that leave your skin supple and quenched.

The highly regenerative Pai Rose Hip Bioregenerate Face Oil tackles blemishes, dryness, dullness, pigmentation, redness and fine-lines turning skin around to look more even, brighter, softer and younger looking. Your skin will feast on it. Find it at

To build strength to the fragile skin around your eyes and to cool it at the same time when it is irritated,  apply the Pai Skincare System D Cooling Eye Serum that use ceramides to strengthen the skin and build resilience against flare-ups. Schisandra CO2 extract, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant from the tiny red Magnolia berry soothes stressed out skin. Your skin will drink gladly from this serum to refresh and revive itself. See it at .