Beauty Best Bet: Patrick Starrrr’s ONE/SIZE Cheek Clapper 3D Blush Trio

Patrick Starrrr’s One/Size beauty brand is an Internet and Instagram fave, but that’s because the products work so freakin’ well IRL aka IRL. The brand’s One/Size Cheek Clapper 3D Blush Trio comes in six shades. Each palette includes three textures in a monochromatic color family, making blush application as simple as it’s ever been! The Flex Cream can be blended with fingers as a base or a top coat for smooth finish. The Full Impact Matte is blurrable and buildable. You can go as intense as you wish with this formula. Lastly, the Hyper Sheen will add a silky glow so you can look lit from within! Feel free to blend and layer each shade for a bright and bold look! Or you can use a single shade for a blurred, 3D effect. There are no rules… only the ones you want to break regarding old school blush application when you use this product.