Beauty Best Bet: Wet ‘n’ Wild x Spongebob

If you grew up in the early aughts, you undoubtedly loved SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and their deep sea friends. Drugstore brand Wet N Wild has dropped the cutest collection you’ll ever want to own. The Sponge Bob makeup set includes a summery eye palette and refreshing face mists that are like a cool dip in the ocean on those oppressively hot summer days. But the ABSOLUTE must owns of this collection are the tools. You can’t have Sponge Bob collection without, well, makeup sponges and applicators. And there plenty featured in this nostalgic range. They are almost too cute to use and shaped like your fave characters. The yellow SpongeBob blender is perfect for baking and contouring, while the Patrick tool allows you get in corners and apply product precisely. The Squidward Sponge helps achieve that smooth, airbrushed looked. Did we mention how impossibly cute they are?? If you prefer to hit the snooze button and grab an extra 20 minutes of sleep instead of doing your makeup every morning, you might be inspired to give up the extra shut eye in favor of having a super fun time applying products with these squishy and adorable sponges.