Beauty Best Bets: Apoterra Skincare

These two plant potions from the clean, conscious, and effective skincare brand Apoterra will offer high-quality ingredients to enrich skin and soothe your psyche:

Neroli Clarifying Toner with Vitamin C + Green Tea
For starters, Neroli smells incredible, much like a blossoming orange grove in Seville at the height of summer. And a clarifying toner is especially important during the summer months, when the heat, humidity, and mugginess stamp themselves onto your skin. Vitamin C and green tea improve skin’s texture, efficacy, and health. This toner is made from whole plants and natural actives with certified organic ingredients and no added fillers. This refreshing facial mist is a vibrant pick-me-up, formulated with antioxidant-rich botanicals to clear congested skin and protect skin from damaging environmental stress. Packaging is eco-friendly, and this product is freshly made in small batches! Also, it’s cruelty-free certified. Check it out at Apoterra

Metanoia BreastMask / Nurture
For the month of August — so, hurry! — this holistic breast health mask is included in your Apoterra Skincare order. It contains 13 organic, wildcrafted ingredients: dandelion root, ginger, red clover blossom, mugwort, French green clay, aloe vera, seaweed, rose quartz, frankincense, laurel essential oils, pine, cerato, and Crab Apple Bach Flower remedies. It smells so good that you won’t want to put the pouch down (and it arrives in a pouch made with 100% certified biodegradable materials). Simply mix with filtered water to create a mask, and apply to breasts, under arms and onto your chest up to your collarbone. Benefits encompass detoxification of breast tissue, promoting lymphatic flow and blood circulation. anti-inflammatory. reduce breast tenderness, and much more! Read about it HERE.

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