Beauty Best Bets: Cleantan, Quinoaplex, ONC, Laura Mercier

Summer is coming even if it seems Spring just rolled in. Before you know it, you’ll be striding down the street with your shoulders and legs exposed. Reconnect to your inner Goddess by embracing the hot weather with these makeup and beauty finds for a breezier and a freer summer spirit.

If you crave a beautiful golden tan but are allergic to fake tanners filled with chemicals, meet Cleantan, a plant-based, all natural tanning concentrate made with 100% clean ingredients such as beetroot, blue green algae and cocoa powder to create a convincing like natural golden glow. The formula also includes five different teas such as rooibos, matcha and white tea. Simply mix CleanTan into your moisturizer and smooth onto skin. You’ll be thrilled with the natural-looking results. Don’t pour directly on to the skin without diluting with your moisturizer, as the color might be too dark to your liking and it takes a week of showering to remove. Made in the USA, vegan, paraben free, sulfate free and cruelty free, Clean Tan is available at

 Get a ticket to the South of France’s golden sun and glamour with the new Laura Mercier Summer 2019 Color Edit: Mediterranean Escape! We love the rich textures of golds and bronzes mixed with indigo and light blues that evoke exotic destinations, sophisticated travel, and an easy-go nonchalance.
The Sun Kissed Veil is a flattering, lightweight balm for the face or décolletage to give your skin a healthy, dewy golden hue that does not look forced or fake. Your skin easily absorbs the natural looking formula — and you can play up or down according to your preference.

Try also the Caviar Stick Eye Crayon in Matte Azure (indigo blue) or Shimmer (Mystic Gold), Off The Grid (Silver Metal) or Poolside (Light Blue Shimmer). Very concentrated, the creamy eyeshadow sticks last all day and night and turns weary city eyes into dramatic peepers full of sea and sun, which will look especially irresistible with glowing, tanned skin. Crease-resistant, it’s better to use minimally at first to see how much you need, since the formula is super rich.

Want flowing, healthy Goddess hair? Rebuild and heal your depleted and dull locks with the power of quinoa, the key ingredient in Quinoaplex by ONC. Whenever you wash, color, bleach or expose hair to the sun, it’s depleted of protein, which causes breakage and loss. Quinoa protein is a wonder grain, small enough when hair is hydrolyzed to seep through to cuticles to repair the hair shaft. If you color or bleach your hair, or expose it to the sun this summer, you will definitely appreciate Quinoaplex, as it will mend your hair and prevent more damage while imparting optimal shine and manageability. Quinoaplex will also help keep your color vibrant, and its minerals will protect your hair from environmental hazards. Find more information about this breakthrough natural remedy for healthier hair at or