Beauty Best Bets: Feret Parfumeur + Natracare

Feret Parfumeur (depuis 1878) has been a family business since its inception nearly a century and a half ago. In 2012, Alexis Cabanne, the eldest of the founder’s grandsons, took up the family torch to keep the brand thriving. Here are a few of their many natural, organic, skin-soothing products:

Creator of the Hyaline Block
Bloc Hyalin has been a much-copied product. The Hyalin block, a 100% natural alum stone (also around since 1878), is the original and most effective alum stone. Not to be confused with aluminum, alum blocks are crystallized blocks of potassium alum, an antiseptic, astringent compound.

An alum block can be used to help eliminate some unwanted side effects of shaving, such as minor bleeding, skin inflammation, and even razor bumps — but as a deodorant, it’s incredible. For centuries people in Africa, the Middle East and Asia have known that applying an Alum Block to the underarms will be a natural deodorant and serve as 100% natural sweat protection. Slightly wet and apply the Alum stone to the underarms for a reliable, alcohol free antiperspirant; they can be used with your favorite deodorant, too, and are highly effective in controlling excess sweating. This lasts for many years, sometimes for more than a decade.

Hyalomiel L’Original Hyaline Jelly with Organic Honey
This moisturizing, soothing, and refreshing Hyaline Jelly with organic honey softens hands and is delicately scented. It’s easier to prevent aging than to repair damage, so reach for this daily to retain elasticity and nurture your skin.

The Hyalomiel L’Original Hyaline Jelly is also available in Violet, which is truly lovely as a scent and effective as a moisturizer.

Discover this creamy, all-in-one balm for face, lips, and body that’s formulated with honey and dandelion from organic farming. It is 100% natural, and its powdery rose scent enchants from the first use. Ideal for summer and great for the whole family. It repairs, moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin.

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NatraCare – Be kind to your body with these organic personal products
Natracare has great product integrity, offering organic tampons, liners, pads, and wipes since 1989. Say goodbye to plastics, perfumes and chlorine, with this organic and natural product range. Your skin and body deserve the very best – that’s why Natracare eschews all perfumes, chlorine, dyes and pesticides for the best in postpartum care, maternity care, and personal hygiene care. Order up! You’ll not only find soft, breathable, natural materials in all of the Natracare products, but you’ll be helping the planet. Visit HERE.