Beauty Best Bets for Earth Day

The Coronavirus pandemic has made us aware of how little we are prepared for the major crises that loom over us in the future. The environment’s decline is a catastrophe in the making that we can help prevent or limit by the choices we make every day to help reduce waste, pollution and to live a greener lifestyle. 

Celebrate Earth Day by opting for a lifestyle that protects your health and your environment.
Here are some suggestions:

Brooklyn’s Chloe + Chad offers an organic, cruelty-free, handmade face wash with oils of jojoba, coconut,  camellia, and sunflower that leaves your skin super clean without damaging its moisture barrier. Founder Aisha Besson makes all products from scratch in her home and uses no preservatives. A premium grade geranium essential oil works effectively to fight wrinkles and most skin problems. Apply to face with water, enjoy a low sud lather but avoid eye contact. The unscented serum uses argan and jojoba oils with a smaller molecular size to penetrate the skin. Without fragrance, it retains moisture and gives protection against environmental pollution. Give nature a chance at

This green, aluminum-free deodorant is perfect for ultra-active women. Activated charcoal and spirulina absorb toxins in a rare combination in the Type A Deodorant, fighting odors and leaving no residue on clothing. Simply squeeze the tube to release the super refreshing cream then swipe your armpit with the soft rubber. Recently launched, the Innovator‘s new scent with Fresh Rain and Bergamot can be yours at .

Made according to the 7000 year old wisdom of the Ayurvedic system of natural healing through plants, flowers and herbs, this Soma Ayurvedic Under Eye Gel with lavender, moringa, and avocado re-balances aged skin, reducing wrinkles, dark circles and lines around the eyes. The amazing collection uses adaptogenic herbs from the same lush Indian forests where Ayurveda originated. This region is the most biodiverse region in the world. Made in India, you will love this original time tested approach to beauty at

Brighten your lips, eyes and even collarbones with the Multipurpose Balm by Ctzncosmetics that delivers a perk of subtle deweyness that never looks fake or contrived. Opt for either Globlam Pearl, which adds a touch of glitter to the skin, or Globlam Clear for a more discreet everyday brightener. In each case, you can subtly play how much of a spark you want to create in the world. You will love having it in your purse for quick touch ups this Spring before you respond to that call from your beau on Zoom. Can be used on males and females by the way. See all options at

You may have to wear a mask everywhere you go, but you can still look like a pretty peach underneath it this spring — or like a golden goddess as you hit the beach this summer. Delight in the beautiful peach blush with a golden gold undertone of the Hip Hop On the Go Perfect Face Palette. You can build the depth of peachiness you desire, and sculpt your cheeks with a light or deeper bronze while highlighting the top with a subtle, glitter, like the  reflection of a unicorn’s mane. Shade names: Chiseled & Tan, Peach Flush, Secret Glow. Cruelty Free, Vegan, Talc Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free & Mineral Oil Free. Get alluring cheeks at .

Wear Attitude‘s Natural Care 30 SPF Mineral Sunscreen Face and Body whenever you go out this spring, an EWG-verified, cruelty-free and vegan brand committed to full transparency and operating in good manufacturing practices. The creamy lotion melts in the skin without leaving a white or thick residue. You will love the healing velvety moisture of the Attitude’s Natural Body Lotion with red vine leaves. Dermatologically tested, it is hypo-allergenic, as it regenerates the skin while decreasing the adherence of pollutants. With a natural subtle scent that lifts the spirits, it can be purchased at

In the shower,  Attitude’s Super Leaves Science Natural Shower Gel heals the skin while cleaning it gently with its red vine leaves formula rich in antioxidants and other anti pollution agents. The Attitude Foaming Hand Soap with worry-free ingredients such as pink grapefruit will keep your hands germ-free without stripping their moisture layer. Attitude allows you to buy in bulk to refill the plastic bottles to reduce waste, and is also a partner in the Reforest Initiative to help restore and heal the planet. For every product purchased online or in participating store, Attitude will plant a tree in partnership with two leading non-profit tree planting organizations, Eden Reforestation and One Tree Planted. See the whole green and clean collection that can be purchased at