Beauty Best Bets: KYPRIS Pot of Shade Heliotropic and J+L Naturals

These two brands have ingredient integrity, so you can feel fantastic about supporting them while pampering yourselF:

KYPRIS – Sun Protection Extraordinaire
We can’t get enough of KYPRIS products because of their tantalizing combo of efficacy, charming product design, clean ingredients, and unique, natural infusions. You will definitely need some sunscreen this summer, so check out the KYPRIS Pot of Shade Heliotropic balm with SPF 30 + UVB sunscreen protection. This primer is 20% sustainably sourced zinc oxide (non-nano) to prevent damaging sunburn, and also contains:

*Sweet Iris Stem Cells – Enhance the appearance of a juicy, smooth, and luminous complexion.
*Tamanu – An organic, co-op grown seed oil imparts a beautiful glow.
*Chaparral – One of Earth’s oldest living plants yields a wildcrafted extract rich in botanical wisdom and lignans.
*Sunflowers – These local, organic heliotropes deliver a wealth of fatty acids and beta carotene.
*Probiotics – For deliciously hydrated skin.
*Sea Algae – A burst of soothing hydration for soft, supple skin as you bask in the Beauty of your days.

Slather this luxe balm on for skin-nurturing sun protection when you’re basking poolside, on the beach, or browsing at the farmer’s market.

Available: HERE

Price: $75

J+L Naturals — Earth-Friendly Everyday Essentials
Everything J+L Naturals creates for your daily essential needs is made ethically because this brands believes that the products we use every day shouldn’t cause harm to you, the Earth, or any other living thing on this beautiful planet. A woman-owned business with everything made in the USA, their goal is to empower and inspire you to make conscious, positive choices for such daily-use items as your toothbrush, lip balm, face + body salve, dental floss, face mask, bamboo cotton ear buds, aluminum-free deodorant, handmade shampoo bar, face and body cleansing bar, hydrating hair serum, comb, a Konjac sponge, and loofah. Choose your preferred boxed set of goodies and have them delivered to your doorstep! Bundles include hair care, sponges, a personal care set, serums, and much more.

These products are simple, exceptional, vegan, preservative-free, sustainable, cruelty-free, and and always ethical. Here are the ingredients, for example, in two of them:

The Face Salve Shine – contains shea butter, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, candelila wax, extra virgin olive oil, papaya seed oil, organic argan oil, rose geranium, essential oil, and lavender essential oil. A delight for your skin! Choose from 5 skincare formulations to fit your skincare needs:
Balance – Helps with oily combination skin
Calm – For sensitive, acne-prone skin
Hydrate – Combats dry, flaky skin
Timeless – For mature, aging skin
Shine – Reveals glowing, radiant skin

The Lip Balm – Strawberry + Vanilla – is a luscious blend of organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, candelila wax, strawberry essential oil and vanilla essential oil. Other flavors include Naked (unscented), Heal (peppermint + eucalyptus), Lemongrass & Clove, Strawberry & Vanilla, and Mint.

Follow @jnlnaturals. J & L Naturals gives back to the natural world by planting a tree for every set sold through their partnership with #TeamTrees.

Price for the Exceptional Self-Care Kit bundle: $92

Available: HERE