Beauty Best Bets: Orpheus Skin – The Flower of Resurrection for Your Skin

The Orpheus flower, also known as the flower of resurrection, is at the heart of the powerful peptide concentrate of Orpheus Skin, a luxurious all-in-one serum and dewy essence duo that will resurrect your skin no matter how tired and lusterless it has become in quarantine. The Orpheus Flower Cell Peptide Complex™ plumps skin from within, stimulating natural collagen synthesis and activating DNA repair to bring out vibrant, fresh skin.

The easily absorbed texture of the clean and vegan Orpheus Resurrection All In One Serum improves elasticity and makes your skin feel young and pliant. You will love applying it again and again for an instant refresh! Nab it at .

After applying the serum, spritz a mist of the Orpheus Resurrection Bio Luminous Dewy Essence. Rich with a vitamin cocktail of vitamins C, B3, B5 and E and two forms of hyaluronic acid, the bio-luminescent Orpheus flower extract captures and reflects light on your skin to perfect it with a purifying glow. The proprietary ingredient, the Orpheus flower, is what makes the formula so unique and effective as clinical trials attest. Cultivated with green, non-toxic bio-techniques in a sterile lab to stimulate the plant cells to produce a higher number of active compounds, this new breed of cruelty-free, sustainable skincare is available at