Beauty Best Bets: Pura d’Or and Stryke Club

For the greenest in clean, we found these human-friendly brands that boast natural ingredients and offer product integrity that will please everyone:

pura d’or’s Apple Cider Vinegar Thin2Thick Shampoo and Conditioner are both USDA-certified organic and bio-based products that also include biotin, castor oil, and a proprietary herbal blend to clean your scalp and hair and boost hair thickness. The result is soft, lush, lustrous hair that’s manageable and healthy. Bonus: these are both color safe, great for all hair types cruelty free, and contain no artificial anything. Try it, you’ll love your hair!

The L.A.-based STRYKE CLUB is equally diligent about offering clean ingredients, so this brand’s products are free of hormone disruptors, parabens, and sodium lauryl sulfate. No animal testing is done, either. Although this is a dermatologist-formulated unisex line, its packaging has a masculine vibe — so with Father’s Day and graduation both on the horizon, keep this line in mind, since it offers FACE FIRST Power Wash for Face (Unscented), a STRYKE STICK Acne Spot Treatment with salicylic acid, EVERYWHERE WASH Daily Cleanser for Face & Body (Pacific Scent), and WIPE OUT Cleansing Wipes for Face & Body for post-gym workouts/wipe-ups. Keep them in a gym bag, in your car, or at hand near your door.