Beauty for Mother’s Day & Beyond: A Comprehensive Roundup

For mom or anyone else who wants to relax, look great, refresh, rejuvenate, grow healthier, and feel thoroughly pampered this spring.

Give Mom the gift of tranquility with a box composed of Press Pause solutions for peace and comfort. The concept behind the Press Pause project is to encourage women who don’t take enough care of their needs to do so by introducing into their life healing and uplifting remedies that support the body and mind.

The box I received includes the Press Pause Restore Deep Relief Full Spectrum CBD Cream (an amazing softening body cream to relieve tired muscles with a combination of essential oils and CBD), the Press Pause Soak Indulgent CBD Bath Salts (to dip in and melt away all pains), the Press Pause Soothe Full Spectrum CBD Body Balm (to relax and relieve body discomforts), the Press Pause Glow Full Spectrum CBD Care Capsules (a dose of skin nutrients to make Mom glow like a goddess), a Press Pause Love CBD Intimacy Spray (to help Mom enjoy better intimacy), the Press Pause Sip Harmonizing CBD Bloom Tea (a delicious mix of rose, lavender, hibiscus and rooibos concoction that will dissolve stress away with a few sips) and the Press Pause Dream Full Spectrum CBD Night Tincture (a deliciously and naturally flavored oil to help you ease into sleep blissfully).

This collection is unusually pleasant and soothing to the senses because of its mix of superior quality natural ingredients that heighten the experience. Compose the perfect set to suit your mother’s needs between Physical Wellness, Hormonal Wellness, Mental Wellness and more. A gift she will treasure!


Sabon Aroma Reed Diffusers cast a powerful scent in the room for weeks to create a relaxed joyful home atmosphere with fruity, floral and herbal aromas. Mom can place one in the bathroom and another in the bedroom or her home office to enliven the space with tranquility and peace.The Lavender, White Tea, Rose Tea, Ginger Orange, Green Rose or Patchouli are equally delightful to the senses.

Price: $45


Every mother will benefit from the Wildling Body Gua Sha Aura Collection, based on an ancient Chinese body ritual. The set harnesses the wisdom of nature to detoxify the body, improve circulation, and restore the body’s innate beauty and flow. The Wildling Aura Collection includes the Aura Stone, Aura Sweeper, Aura Activator, and Aura Oil. Mom can use the Aura Sweeper, a brush made out of Tampico bristles to awaken microcirculation by brushing all over the body from head to toe in circular sweeping movements. Then the Aura Stone will help her smooth fascia, optimize natural lymphatic drainage while also contouring and sculpting the curved areas of her body. The Aura Stone combines a smooth edge, U edge, comb angle, wavy edge and pointed tip to massage and improve the body all over. This is the ultimate preparation for summer to detoxify the body and help tone it, too. This daily practice is a gentle nurturing ritual that has survived millennials. Fans include Venus Williams, Lea Michele and many others.

Price: $149


E P Compagnie de Provence Liquid Marseille Soap & Hand Cream – Mimosa Flower Duo composes a practical and elegant gift for the mother who loves the French country lifestyle. The liquid soap comes in an artisanal jar with bold graphics that will enhance any kitchen decor. Saponified in a cauldron according to tradition, Compagnie de Provence liquid soap is enriched with vegetable oils that turn into a fine foam that gently cleanses the skin. Olive, grape seed and sweet almond oils are sourced from local producers in France who have historically practiced natural farming techniques. Vegan and free of coloring agents, the EP Compagnie de Provence Hand Cream leaves Mom’s dry hands extremely soft with its mix of honey and vegetable oils from groovy Provence. It also protects them from external aggressions thanks to a greaseless lipid barrier.

Price: $48


Good nutrition includes nourishing the skin’s with enzymes and vitamins. Olly’ Beauty Bundle delivers essential nutrients for aging skin in delicious gummies. Make it a special gift by adding the Olly Joy Jar, a gaze-worthy glass jar to keep all gummies together while livening up the kitchen decor.

Price: $23.99


Surprise your young-at-heart mom with the cheerful Catrice Cosmetics‘ new collection of 9 lip boosters and balms to nourish lips and add a bit of Spring pizzaz to them. With so many choices, mom can alternate colors according to her wardrobe or mood. The Catrice Cosmetics Lip Cushion Protecting Multi Balm, Volume Extreme Lip Booster, and Ultimate Stay Lip Tint are packed with nourishing oils and can be played subtly for a restrained look or up for a more bold statement when mom goes out for a fun night on the town.

Price: $6 (the Cushion Protecting Multi Balm)


A mother’s mind is often overthinking, whether due to stress or oversensitivity, so understanding ways to let go and stop overthinking so much can help mothers have more satisfying lives. “Am I Overthinking This?” by Michelle Ryal is a journal that helps its users break the vicious cycle of anxiety in the mind by laughing at witty charts and illustrations that the over-thinker can relate to, while receiving encouragement and clues to help write thoughts out. This journal will ease the processing of emotions, set intentions and help one practice self care.

Price: $14.95


Hide a tube of Medik8 Crystal Retinal in your flower bouquet on Mother’s Day. It features retinaldehyde, a next-generation form of vitamin A that is proven to deliver results up to 11x quicker than retinol with no irritation. Four progressive strengths are available to suit your mother’s needs whether she is new to retinol or a regular user. Smoother skin with less wrinkles is a gift that Mom will appreciate.

Price: $53

Available: it at

Give the scientifically proven Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen , which stands out for its level of research into the science of skincare and collagen absorption by the body, thanks to a hydrolyzed system. Vida Glow uses natural marine collagen that contains activated collagen peptides to stimulate the body’s natural process of collagen production. Mom should take one Vida Glow sachet a day to experience more hydrated skin with less lines and wrinkles, stronger nails, joints and more vibrant hair after a month or two of use.

Price: $50


Time and disuse will weaken the roots and shafts of even the most beautiful manes. Mom’s hair can always look strong, thick and healthy with the luxurious, newly launched Fekkai Clean Stylers Collection created by one of the most acclaimed celebrity hair stylists, Frederic Fekkai.

The Fekkai Prime Mist is a micro-mist serum spray formulated with argan oil, pea proteins, and glycerin to nourish and repair hair without leaving any weight. The Fekkai Root Lift is a triple-boost volumizer that offers protection from heat and humidity while repairing broken keratin bonds and thickening weakened hair. The Fekkai Straight Balm Hybrid Blowout Cream is ideal to fight frizz. Patented Phytenso™ biolipids elongate strands slightly for a silky hair effect that repairs split ends and improves the condition of hair. This easy to use collection is vegan, sustainable, sulfate-free, and will take mom’s hair to a new performance level.

Price: $70 (set)