Beauty Best Bets: Skincare for an Autumnal Glow

After the beach and sun excesses, your skin needs to replenish its moisture levels to heal from over sun exposure and adapt to new conditions such as cooler, drier air. These moisturizers were selected for their deep emollient powers and ease in strengthening the skin barrier. 

We fell in love with Skin By Sabrina Traffic Stopper, the Age Reversal Stem Cell Creme. To relieve really dry skin immediately, this elixir does the trick. Made in small batches with plant stem cells extracted from Japanese gardens with growth factors that stimulate collagen and restore lost elasticity, it really pumps up the skin without clogging pores for hours. Rich in fatty acids, squalane, jojoba, antioxidants and palmitoyl peptide, it also has an unbelievably mood uplifting natural scent derived from plants that will make you want to smile. Your skin will feel comforted and glowing with a burst of dewey youthfulness. The lotion works well on all skin types. Use AM and PM on cleansed skin, you do not need to apply a serum beforehand. Skin by Sabrina Traffic Stopper is part of a collection of super emollient formulas perfect for Fall that includes the moisturizing Skin by Sabrina Skin Solution Mist with mango oil, green tea and aloe vera that leaves a veil of comforting moisture. Also give your skin a thorough but gentle cleanse with Skin by Sabrina Perfect Cleanser that cleans pores without drying, leaving your visage velvety and soft. Gift your skin with more youthfulness at

Pacifica Beauty has recently launched a totally Vegan Collagen Complex Serum that immediately revives dry, devitalized, itchy skin and improves its moisture levels. The collagen is 100 % plant based and contains real collagen proteins. Pacifica Beauty scientists have devised a fermentation process, able to produce a vegan collagen as powerful as animal derived ones. A clinical study showed improved skin elasticity by 28% in just two weeks. The bioactive serum includes japonica seed oil, flower extracts. It is part of a collection of six revolutionary vegan plant collagen skincare products for remarkable moisture that include a Gel Cleanser, Hydrating Milk Tonic, Serum, Every Day Lotion, Overnight Recovery Cream and a Recovery Eye Cream. Cruelty free, the collection only uses sustainable packaging with glass containers which can be recycled curbside and FSC certified paper boxes. Your skin will be looking more and more dewey this Fall at

Facial oils are incredible for aged, dehydrated, and/or unbalanced skin, and for more mature skin, it’s the surest way to keep skin hydrated day and night. If your sensitive skin suffered during the hot season and is now calling for a total revival, apply Starling’s featherweight and quenching Anti-Aging Face Serum to revive it. This vibrant serum is full of healthy fatty acids, vitamins, anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants to nourish and restructure your skin leaving it super even, glowing, and dewey with no oiliness. Potent rose hip seed, chia, hibiscus, essential and hemp oils combine to create a powerful film that genuinely transforms your skin to a plumper texture with minimized lines and imperfections. Use by itself or layer with other products after cleansing, it penetrates the surface of the skin on touch. Place 3-4 drops in the palms of your hands and rub together to warm the oil. Watch what happens! Starling’s plant-based oil is organic, free of nuts, gluten, soy, and chemicals and will not clog pores or cause breakouts. Discover this plant based, beautifying oil here.

Anyone suffering from eczema-prone or easily inflamed skin will ravish Topicals‘ recently launched Like Butter, a hydrating “like butter” mask for eczema-prone skin to bring relief to super dry and itchy epidermis. Your visage’s distressed surface will drink up this whipped, hydrating mask that soothes irritable, inflamed skin and enjoy the balance that follows. Key ingredients include camellia sinensis, centella asiatica, colloidal oatmeal, ginseng root and turmeric. These amazing plants help relieve inflammation, irritation and redness and fortify the skin barrier. Clinically tested, the line is vegan, fragrance-free, made for skins of all types and shades. It is also eco-friendly with recyclable tubes and packaging.
Find relief for over dry skin at