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My beauty routine will give you some rest as well as a renewal. It’s a form of self-care that enhances your skin and natural beauty and boosts your confidence. A well-rounded beauty routine can address various skin concerns, from combating acne and skin changes. Whether you’re a beauty fan or just starting to explore skincare and makeup, building a routine can significantly affect how you look and feel daily.

In this guide, we’ll explore the vital steps and benefits of a beauty routine designed to help you create a radiant and healthy complexion.

Phase 1: Set the Ambiance

I begin my night routine by fluffing my Juvea pillow for optimal comfort, it is 100% Oeko-tex that reaffirms support of my neck and head. It has an open-cell technology that provides a lightweight and airy feeling after a night of sleep and is made of an organic plant-based material. At the same time, I’m getting prepared for bed and prepping my  CGK Unlimited terracotta soft sheets are produced with double-brushed microfiber yarns. It’s very gentle on my skin and the embroidery details on the pillowcases give my bedroom a regal feeling.

I begin to light a ripple+ droplet incense which creates a tranquil atmosphere. Ripple+ drops consist of 48 droplets of choice of 6 aromas named Power (mint + rosemary), Dream (agarwood, firewood, apricot), Focus (wildflower aroma, freesia, muskmelon), Relax (sea salt and iris), Boost (sweet wildflower, freesia, muskmelon) and Happy (honeysuckle and peony). The aroma lasts a few hours and clears the air of unfavorable odors.

I slip into a Spicy Lingerie’s pink tye dye print cotton short set that is lightweight and I can wear it without overheating, unlike other nightwear. 

Phase 2: Self-care Moment

Next, I apply Donna’s Recipe Strength Hair Oil to hydrate and thicken my scalp with 18 Natural Oils and Powders. The natural ingredients of thyme oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, aloe vera seed oils, and many other oils help my hair growth.

In addition, I add Justhuman AyuGrowth Fortifying Hair Oil for added nutrients for the scalp. In addition, I add a dab of leave-in moisturizer Miribel Naturals Dreamy Hair Cream, and a spray bottle of water. Then, I blow-dried my hair with Ya-man Red Light Therapy Spa Styler Blow Dryer for a light blowout. It easily dries and it adds fluff and shine. It is so different from a traditional hair blow dryer because there is less heat damage.

I adore the shape and colorway of the design of the Ya-man blow dryer, it is lightweight. It is easy to hold without my wrist getting restless like traditional blow dryers.
Then, I used a few Calista Short Hot Rollers in my hair to add bounce. Calista comes in twelve pink rollers with a base that heats up quickly within 2-3 mins.

I apply my Grace & Stella 24K Gold Eye Mask under my eyes to help depuff and remove dark circles. Then, I rubbed the LATHER’s White Clay Deep Pore cleansing mask on my face and wore it for 10 minutes, then I wiped my face with a lukewarm washcloth. LATHER’s clay mask pulls all the oils out of my face and leaves it feeling refreshed.

Then, I wash my face with MyCHELLE’s Ageless Refining Sugar Cleanser, an exfoliating plant-based cleanser. The texture changes into a foaming lather that leaves my clean feeling refreshed.

Phase 3: Moisturized

I moisturize my hands and face with Uncommon Beauty Enhanced Daily Water Cream. As for my knees and legs, due to the chronic pain in my joints, I apply Dr. Doug’s Miracle Body Balm made up of many rich natural ingredients organic beeswax, organic extra virgin olive oil, and virgin coconut oil, organic shea butter, vitamin E, and organic lavender essential oils.

A final face treatment by adding drops of Viking Organic Certified Glow Face Oil made especially with rich ingredients of essential oils, including Nordic berries such as sea buckthorn, cloudberries, and blueberries.

Then, I take a Donna’s Recipe Hair biotin vitamin contributes to my hair growth, unfortunately,  due to postpartum, I lost a vast amount of hair but these vitamins will help with my hair growth journey. These vitamins are packed with 10,000 MCG which helps my hair and nails grow stronger and healthier.

Phase 4: Chill

I take a break to vape the Eighty-Six THC vape Boo Berry Delta-8 THC 2G Disposable. It’s so lightweight and disposable, after taking one puff, it left me feeling so relaxed. I have all my smoking accessories in a customizable Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray, which features a cutesy design with small compartments for all different types of smoking accessories and supplies including lighters and pre-rolls.

Phase 5: Set the Senses

I finished my nightly routine by spraying the aromas of Zodica Perfumery Pisces Crystal Infused Perfume. This feels like it was made for me, well I’m a Pisces after all. 

The crystals are infused with Amethyst and the top notes of Neroli, Cucumber, and Pear, the middle notes are Cyclamen, Water Lotus and the Bottom Notes are Sheer Musk. All ready for a restful night.

Isis Swaby

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