Beauty & the Best Bet: By Rosie Jane’s Parfum

Rosie Jane Johnston is a make-up artist who founded her own lifestyle brand. And if you love perfume, then you’re in for a treat: By Rosie Jane fragrances are cruelty free and crafted with the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the globe. Eau de parfum includes Tilly (grapefruit, coconut & pineapple; warm, sensual, delicate), James (floral, earthy, fig, amber, and gardenia; romantic), Rosie (red rose, moroccan rose, musk, vanilla) and Leila Lou (pear, jasmine and fresh cut grass). These are available in roll-ons, too.

Fragrances are hand-mixed using pure essential oils, absolutes, and nature identicals, and are created in California with natural ingredients and packaged in eco friendly materials. Fragrance purists will appreciate the fact that these are made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or phosphates. Read more and order yours at

Rosie Jane Johnston at work