BEAUTY & THE BEST: Beterré, Oralgen, MPF 6 Eyewear, Bloom Skincare, Lubricity Labs and more

Smoothing Serum
To repair and nourish your combination skin prone to breakouts, Beterré’s Balancing Serum is ideal. A firming formula with cucumber, bergamot, and milk thistle, it leaves skin feeling “just right”. Hyaluronic acid helps to smooth skin while Vitamin C brightens and softens. Use it first thing in the morning and at night after washing your face. You’ll love the happy glow on your face and the elasticizing, healing sensation. Find Beterré’s simple and powerful formulas at 

Painless Whitener
Who says you have to tolerate pain to whiten teeth? Super sensitive teeth won’t suffer one bit with NuPearl 32x by Oralgen that whitens your teeth 8.4 shades in one week with a 99% natural formula. Using a patented, stain-lifting technology, you can achieve professional results at home. Certified non toxic, it has no peroxide, sulfates, GMOs, or gluten, and is is also zing-free and ideal for anyone who is sensitive or concerned about harsh chemicals on their body. Try it to create your best smile at 

Easy Style

Your best pair of sandals for summer 2018! Made from a combination of rubber and Eva soles, the Icon Azalia sandals feature two-tone, vegan PU straps and look super stylish and cool with cut-up jeans, shorts, a loose tunic, skirt, or even your special dress. Comfortable and easy to pack in a bag for the weekend, this essential summer pair come in vinyl, platinum, and penny styles. Look them up at 

Eye Protection
With jobs that require hours in front of digital screens, blue light threatens our vision in an unhealthy way. Smartphones, tablets, and evening screen hours may cause cumulative damage, increasing our risk for macular degeneration. It also suppresses our natural melatonin production. To help you reduce the strain on your eyes and sleep soundly, Photoprotective Technologies has created the MPF 6 Eyewear that offers a natural solution to blue light without altering your color perception. This pair of computer glasses with a yellow colored lens filters the blue light allowing you up to 6X longer in front of the computer without damaging your retina, affecting your melatonin production or reducing the hues of colors. Save your family’s eyes at

Skin Relief
To relieve the soreness and itching of skin rashes — whether due to eczema, poison ivy or insect bites — try the Zinguta Ointment. Prepared at The Apotheca in Northport New York, it relieves discomfort by coating the irritated skin and immediately helping to cure it, thanks to antibacterial & antiseptic properties. Keep the affected part covered after applying to sore skin. Made with high quality natural ingredients, it’s been a favorite natural ointment in the American home for more than 40 years. Protect your skin at 

Healing Minerals
Experience the regenerative power of Dead Sea minerals — rich in elements — to nourish, clarify and elasticize the skin naturally. Used by Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba for its beautifying powers, the Dead Sea elements were scientifically shown to help with severe skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne by purifying the skin. Created in a female-run facility in Jordan, Bloom Skincare uses the full power of the Dead Sea minerals to fight inflammation and aging naturally. Try the Purifying Mud Mask to support the skin’s barrier function and brighten the complexion. These wonders of the Dead Sea are available at

Bye Bye Frizz ( seriously!)
For serious cases of frizzy hair, lasting relief is finally at hand in a natural solution from Lubricity Labs, a new cutting-edge treatment created by a single dad. At odds to comb his daughter masses of frizz, Dr. Boyce Clark used his PhD in biogeochemistry to find the miracle relief. What is most unique about the formula is the fact that it doesn’t use destructive chemicals to change the molecular structure of hair when eliminating frizz. The kit includes a shampoo, conditioner, a step 1 Penetrate Bottle, and a Step 2 Encapsulate solution. See immediate results that can be maintained by using the shampoo and conditioner every week: