Beauty & the Best: Fall Roundup Featuring Brüt, FasciaBlaster, Lee and more

Better Work Out Clothes
Kick back into your exercise regimen this fall with a pair of performance 828 Leggings by Brüt Force Apparel meant to keep you perfectly poised and cool without stains or sweat marks. Thanks to moisture-wicking and a revolutionary trademarked technology, argent flex, antibacterial fibers are mixed with high quality nylon and lycra to reduce sweating. Enjoy strategically placed flat-lock seams that ease your muscle movements and flexibility as well. Available in 2 lengths and 3 colors, with side pockets to hold your essentials, Brüt Force Apparel responds to an active woman’s comfort and performance needs. Order at

Improved Wipes
Discover Global Beauty Care Premium Face Wipes, a better brand of thicker, more absorbent wipes to cleanse your face in the evening with nourishing ingredients that will boost your skin at the same time. Choose between Retinol Cleansing Cloths that help minimize wrinkles & restore pH, black Charcoal Cleansing Cloths to deep cleanse your pores, Vitamin C Cleansing Cloths to regenerate your cells or Micellar Cleansing Cloths for a thorough but replenishing cleanse. Experience them all — they make cleansing your face such a breeze that you’ll never want to anything else. Get them at

Must-Have Jacket
Don this Fall’s essential jacket. Inspired by the 80’s trucker jackets, this Vintage Modern Keep on Truckin’ Trucker Jacket by iconic Lee brand is rugged and super cool at the same time. Boxy and full of character, elegant yet deconstructed with random artful holes, it has a beefy, wrap-like feeling and an irresistible elegance that will make anything you wear with it look twice as good. Pick up this new season essential at

Banish Leg Flab
Achieving sexy legs can be a serious challenge for many women who suffer from the deposits of fat in the thigh area. A revolutionary device called the FasciaBlaster by Ashley Black will help you attain the legs you desire by eliminating those bumpy fat areas, using a straight up-and-down motion. Similar to the stick used by your chiropractor to ease tension in your back, the FasciaBlaster has added cramp-like knots on it that can loosen fascial adhesions and irregular bumps under your skin. By using the same motion every night with special Blaster Oil, you can tone legs to a more youthful appearance. I did it, and loved the results! Use it to relieve pain, ease joint pain, and define muscles as well. Learn more about this fabulous tool at

Healthy Deodorant
Keep an Earth Mama mini deodorant conveniently tucked into your purse for a super cool and refreshed underarm feeling throughout the day — whether at work, the gym, running errands, on vacation, or in your car. Super healthy, it can be used safely for nursing moms too, since it contains no dangerous neurotoxins derived from aluminum. Available in Ginger Fresh or Bright Citrus at

Vitamin C Power
Whether you’re in your early twenties or have elegantly sailed past your sixtieth birthday, your skin can immensely benefit from Insta Natural Vitamin C Moisturizer, formulated to smooth lines and brighten skin tone with added environmental protection. Enriched with niacinamide, aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid, this Vitamin C essential hydrator only costs $20 a bottle; it’s your best investment for youthful, radiant skin this fall. Find better skin at