BEST BET: Indeed Vitamin C Brightening Drops

Vitamin C is recommended to fight environmental toxins and free radicals and promote a luminous glow. This last August, Indeed Laboratories launched Vitamin C Brightening Drops just in time to help you fix your end-of-summer skin woes in a breeze.

The ultra-lightweight serum uses Cosmin C504, an encapsulated and non-photosensitive form of active ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Penetrating into the skin 15x more effectively than ascorbic acid on its own, this encapsulated ascorbic acid boosts your skin’s defenses against environmental stressors and improves hyper-pigmentation. This special type of encapsulation helps to stabilize the vitamin C against water, air, and sunlight. Volcanic soil,
hyaluronic acid, tamarind seed extract work in synergy to rebuild the moisture barrier after the summer and biosacchardie gum-1 ( made from fermented plants) hydrates and improves texture as well. Use a few drops in the morning and at night to a cleansed face. Follow with broad spectrum sunscreen each morning. 

Surprisingly inexpensive, this light serum that delivers powerful efficacy is available at