Best Bet Of The Day: OSMOSIS +MD Repair Serum

Boost your DNA’s rejuvenation by 33% with Osmosis +MD Catalyst AC-11® – DNA Repair C Serum. It includes amino acids to nourish your cells and improve hydration while supporting your skin‘s elasticity and general resilience in cold weather. After applying, you’ll feel an elasticizing effect on the skin. The surface of your epidermis will glow a bit golden because of the light brown color of this powerful serum. Add oil or moisturizer before you head out, since the serum may pull a bit when drying. Apply before putting on your usual night cream at bedtime.

The serum includes vitamin C to stimulate collagen production and shield against free radicals while improving tone and brightness. It works well on all skin types and helps restore firmness and repair skin from sun damage, too. Apply to neck, decolletage, and face morning and evening. Key ingredients also include aloe vera, zinc oxide, honey, vitamin E, copper peptide, and antioxidants.

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