Best Bet of the Day: Peppy Co’s LED Light Therapy Mask

In winter our complexion often looks drab. Have you tried LED light before? It’s amazing how you can quickly perk up your skin’s texture, clarity, and appearance with it. An easy way to use LED light is with the PEPPY CO medical-grade LED Light Therapy Mask, which harnesses three therapeutic lights to bring out a clearer complexion in just 10 minutes a day. With blue light to banish bacteria, red light to prevent wrinkles, and yellow light to detoxify skin, it has something for everyone and improves all skin types, whatever your issue may be.

You normally would have to visit a spa for such results! The LED mask uses 64 bulbs, rendering it a powerful device for improving your skin’s appearance. The set includes the PEPPY CO LED Light Therapy Mask and a cord to connect the device. A pair of dark sunglasses incorporated in the device protects your eyes from the LED light so that it’s safe. Keep it plugged in while you experience the mask. After use, place it back into its bag and box. I just love to use it for a quick 5 to 10 minutes – or whenever I feel my winter complexion can use a boost.

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