Best Bet: Silly George Revolutionizes Lashes

During the coronavirus crisis, wearing a mask or cover-up renders it easy to sport the natural, no makeup look. Emphasizing your peepers is one  way you can balance things out and express your dramatic spirit. If you struggle with regular false lashes like I do, you’ll love Silly George’s groundbreaking new system for lash lovers. 

The Liner Bond Starter Kit consists of a Lash Adhesive Eyeliner, the Liner Bond, a glue-free, semi-matte eyeliner adhesive pen that you use to line your lid before applying a pair of Silly George Lashes. It’s so easy that you’ll never want to use anything else again. First, line your lid with the Silly George Liner Bond, then apply a pair of lashes. You are done! Find it HERE.

No need for magnets or messy glue. It is really a game changer that holds your lashes with its own adhesive strength. You will find it a breeze to apply lashes for an even stronger hold and lighter lashes. Choose between different styles of Silly George lashes such as the Silly George Girl Next Door, Silly George Girl Friday and Silly George Girl Overboard. Each wind-resistant, synthetic silk set comes in a neat little case with a mirror and has up to 30 + wears. You can trim the ends to fit your eye shape and size. Toxin-free, low-allergenic, latex-free, damage-your-natural-lashes-free the Silly George Girl Next Door lashes can be found HERE.

Plump up the volume and length of your lashes with the Silly George Heart Eyes, a No-Smudge Tubing Mascara. The really cute applicator has two application settings and uses technology that creates a tube around the lash thickening and lengthening it in one slick movement. Perfect for summer when skin tends to get moist in the heat, you’ll appreciate this smudge-free mascara that stays clean while creating huge volume. Curl your lashes first and then apply the tubing mascara to lift your lashes. Apply with your falsies or by itself. Grab it HERE.

Cruelty free & vegan, sulphate free, paraben free, if Silly George doesn’t work for you, then you can return your purchase for a 100 % money back guarantee.