Black Women-Owned Brands I’ll Be Loving All Month Long (& Beyond)

It’s the start of February and that means Black History Month! Support Black brands especially those headed by Black women. Here are some products that have found a home in my beauty routine.

Honey Botanics

Honey Botanics has been in my shower these past weeks and I’m glad to report, they are ah-maz-ing and Black woman-owned, while also being vegan, clean-formula, and bio-identical (meaning all the sensitive skin folk can get in on the action, too). In the mornings to wake up, I soap up the Complexion Blending Soap. It comes in a huge size and claims to smooth skin imperfections and restore the moisture barrier, among other things. I enjoy the herbal scent as a precursor to my cup of tea which I savor post-shower.
At night, the Kojic Acid extra strength bar has become my staple, refreshing to the max. The papaya and niacinamide leave me scent-free without stripping my skin. I place the bar on the bamboo soap dish to extend its lifespan. Honey Botanics is perfect if you have to get in-and-out during your showers. There’s a brick-and-mortar boutique in Harlem, which would make for a fun day of soap smelling and learning more about Black history this month.

uQueen Organics The Woosah Wellness Kit

For bath time, I reach for uQueen Organics. Founded by Danielle ‘Danz’ Edmond, a fellow Jamaican (like me!) who grew up around nature’s healing power of plants and powerful women. This brand sources materials from Bali, and uQueen Organics is vegan, organic, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced and made. Now onto The Woosah Wellness Kit. Rose Wood Woosah Bath Salt is a beautiful bath salt, scented with woody florals and leaving bits of rose petals in my bath. I feel like a princess when I’m in the tub. Shea Coconut Glow Body Scrub softens my skin. Its thick and scrubby texture is so relaxing after a long day of running around. Plus the coconut smell transports me to an island paradise, which I so desperately desire in this cold month. To moisturize my skin, I mix Safflower Glow Oil and Almond Shea Glow Butter together, for an ultra glow that makes my skin POP. I can’t stop rubbing my legs together when I use this combo, and the glow butter has fine sparkles, which make me feel like royalty. uQueen Organics really be doing her thing!

Natural Girl Wigs

Wig Chloe Faux Straight Wig

Oluremi Martins saw a gap in the market for natural girls, who just want a stunning natural hair day… but sometimes just can’t get that twist out to look just right. So Martins created Natural Girl Wigs, a brand dedicated to creating wigs that mimic natural curl types. Made by hairstylists from Lagos and Texas, the quality is of the highest standard. I’ve been sporting the Wig Chloe Faux Straight Wig to get a different look and protect my curls. It was super easy to style from straight down, an updo, or a ponytail. Made with premium fibre hair, it’s able to be manipulated and withstand temperatures up to 300 F. I’ve spent some time curling this wig, and it really held up! I’m so happy that I can support a Black woman’s brand that embraces my natural texture.

African Print Satin Bonnet

At bedtime, I put on the African Print Satin Bonnet. The pattern I have is a beautiful yellow and red that puts a smile on my face every night and morning. Roomy and soft, it stays up all night and protects my curls while keeping in moisture. I don’t think it gets better than this!