BN Clean Cut: Care Is Clean Skincare With Texture To Lose Your Mind Over

BN Clean Cut is a new column devoted to exploring brands with a cleaner, greener edge. The terms “clean” and “green” are highly subjective and (just like the term “natural”) not regulated at all. Every brand, retailer, or publication is likely to have their own definition. Instead of creating a single benchmark, we’re sharing each brand’s “claim to clean” to evaluate against your own standards.


With a focus on simplicity, clean ingredients, and science-backed formulas, Care’s collection is spare but strong at five products. All ingredients are vetted to be non toxic (no fragrance, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, alcohol…you get the picture). All products are RIPT tested to be allergen free and suitable for all skin types.

Every Care product is formulated, bottled, and produced in the US, and none are tested on animals. Care is also committed to selling directly to customers to help eliminate markups—keeping prices low and quality skincare within reach. Also, a portion of all Care sales goes to a different charity every season—most recently supporting COVID-19 efforts at Greenwich Hospital. (Give @careskincare a follow on Instagram and you can help choose the next organization to receive proceeds.)

Care was founded (and personally financed) by a husband and wife team—the husband, Ricardo Quintero, is a beauty industry veteran and former Clinique executive. The brand is the pair’s first foray into what they hope will be a family of digitally native brands—so expect to see more from these two in the future.

One word: Texture. None of the Care products I tried disappointed on this front, and when I opened my jar of Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream, my jaw literally dropped in glee when I saw the bouncy gel-like consistency and gorgeous pink hue. This is a skincare line that definitely plays to the senses—every dip and swipe is a feast for the eyes and skin.

Care prides itself on science-meets-skincare and no-filler formulas, and the label is proof. A few ingredients stand out, like antioxidant damage control thanks to Vitamin C & E, turmeric extract, and green and black tea. For skin that feels like it’s in post-facial bliss, you’ll love the plant-based squalane, multi-level hyaluronic acid (that reaches different depths for better hydration), aloe, and glycerin, which draws moisture from the air. Aging your concern? You’re covered with collagen-regenerating peptides, caffeine, and retinol in select products.

For those that like to avoid certain synthetics, note that glorious slip in some of these products is courtesy of the silicone family. Care also uses food-grade synthetic colorants—I’m a bit surprised at that, since there’s no real function aside from the aesthetic value and I’d rather have my creams beige (or whatever) than artificially hued.


Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream, $35
Formulated as a silky anytime moisturizer or a quickie mask, this gel-cream was my favorite product. Its bouncy jiggle and lightweight texture feels cool and refreshing, and there’s no denying its hydration super powers thanks to hyaluronic acid, aloe, and glycerin. My face says thanks.

Eye + Lip Nourishing Cream, $30
Designed for the eye area and around the mouth (not for direct use on the lips), this cream glides on smooth and quickly absorbs, so your skin feels nourished but not greasy in the slightest. Formulated with anti-aging power players like vitamin C, caffeine, and collagen-boosting combo of peptides, this cream is a welcome multitasker—it’s about time the fine lines around the lips got some love.

The Everything Multi-Level Moisturizer, $40
I’m gonna sound like a broken record, but the texture people. I love that this moisturizer is packaged in a pump bottle, dispensing the perfect amount without dipping my microbe-laced fingers into a jar. This was designed to act as a serum while wearing like a cream, and amen to that. You feel your skin drinking up every bit of that squalane and hyaluronic acid, while a black tea ferment, peptide duo, and turmeric get to work fighting signs of aging and the things we encounter every day (smoke, air pollution, UV light, etc).

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