Bravanariz’s Clean Landscape Blends: Smell Wild, Smell Wonderful

Bravanariz captures nature in full, distilling the essences of a wild landscape, immersing you in herbs, trees, greenery, flowers, and the smell of nature itself when you are in a genuinely natural place. Based in Spain, Bravanariz means “brave nose” in Spanish, and this is their mission: to be freer, to be immersed in nature’s wildest crooks, aromatic green fields, and mossy forests, and to do it boldly. There are no synthetic odors to distract you from the real thing.

Here are the various Bravanariz Camps they have distilled for your pleasure:

Bosc evokes the warm scents of winter, when everything is crisp and cozy, with dead beach leaves, ferns, juniper, oak moss, and the transforming vegetation of a forest shelter. The mystery of what is to come is bottled in Bosc, along with the slopes of Les Salines Mountains and the Bassegoda’s green mantle at the start of the Pyrenees. Scent: oak moss, wild harvested hydrosols and tinctures, rosemary, juniper, orange, pine.

Muga is the river that crosses the Alt Emporda’s verdant plain, connecting the mountains with the sea. So Muga similarly entwines two different worlds with the aromatic exuberance of springtime’s blossoming. Muga is an ever-shifting and dynamic perfume that is not at all coy, and smells slightly different with each wearing, much like the changing landscape of sea and seasons. Rife with rosemary, Spanish lavender, chamomile, immortelle, cypress, rockrose, and thyme.

Costa Brava inspires this beautiful, complex blend, since Costa Brava is known for its calas rather than its beaches. An out-of-the-way, wild cover in Cap de Creus perfectly reflects the Mediterranean character: dry, fresh, soft, rough, filled with contradictions and nuance, heavily fragrant pine trees, the soft laps of the sea, and the ferocious lash of the sea. Bright as a sapphire in summer, this blend also contains sea fennel, which is sweet and salty and found all over the rocky coast.

These camps will transport you to aromatic places, and you’ll want to visit each one again and again, like hearing a favorite song.

Video: HERE

Bravanariz’s BEE BRAVE aims to enhance the biodiversity of our shared natural environment. With BEE BRAVE, the brand gives back to nature what it has “borrowed” from the Mediterranean landscape to create perfume. Bravanariz will soon be releasing MEL, a new perfume based on organic beeswax, organic honey, and regional flowers from which bees collect nectar and pollen. MEL is 100% natural and deeply rooted in the Mediterranean landscape. Warm, sensual and aromatic, with a powerful animalic and balsamic base, MEL connects the user intimately with the environment and its natural cycles.

Learn more about the bee initiative in Spain and BEE BRAVE video HERE.

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Here is the inspired and artful Bravanariz founder, Ernest Collado: