Celebrate Latinx Heritage with Ceremonia

I discovered the coolest new haircare brand, Ceremonia. Rooted in Latinx heritage, the company was founded by Swedish Latina, Babba C. Rivera. And they recently launched a new product, the Scalp Masajeador. I got to try it out, along with the Aceite de Moska and Tratamiento de Damiana. Let’s just say I was delighted with the results.

Ceremonia 5

Scalp Masajeador

The Scalp Masajeador is designed to be used with Ceremonia’s debut product, Aceite de Moska. Using the Scalp Masajeador, you can massage your scalp in the shower to increase your blood flow while also exfoliating for healthier hair from the roots to tips.

Order Scalp Masajeador online HERE for $16.

Ceremonia 3

Aceite de Moska

Aceite de Moska is derived from the Dominican Republic and is a heritage scalp remedy that promotes healthy, nourished hair while keeping frizz at bay and smoothing down hair cuticles. Its scent is subtle but delicious, and when the product gets worked through your hair with the Scalp Masajeador, it feels like an in-home spa treatment.

Order Aceite de Moska online HERE for $25.

Ceremonia 4

Tratamiento de Damiana is my new favorite item, an aromatherapy roller that I can fit in my pocket. The calming scent functions as a roll-on perfume and serves the purpose of helping me relax when things get stressful.

Order Tratamiento de Damiana online HERE for $22.

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