Cold Weather Best Bet: Herbal Dynamics Beauty

Black Rose & Damask Rose Face Balm from Herbal Dynamics Beauty will be your new favorite go-to balm for cool weather because of its luscious consistency, pure ingredients, and heavenly aroma of fresh roses. Far better for you than petroleum gel, yet similar in its protective consistency, this product deeply hydrates skin and protects it in ultra-freezing weather, which can dry out skin. Slather it on when skiing, ice-skating, or simply braving the temperatures.

Key, beneficial ingredients are Damask rose oil and wax, black rose extract, rose centifolia extract, shea butter, Indian gentian flower, and olive fruit oil. This bouquet of extracts from Black Rose, Damask Rose, Cabbage Rose, French Rose and Alpine Rose stem cells pair with delicate rose oil and rose waxes to deliver potent anti-aging benefits — and it smells like a fresh garden. It also delivers concentrated ingredients that nourish and promote healthy skin over time and regular use, and plumps and smooths fine lines. Indian gentian promotes regeneration and stimulates collagen, and shea butter and light safflower oil both hydrate and soothe dry, chapped skin. Follow @herbaldynamicsbeauty and read more and order at and at