Confessions of A Rebel: Exciting All-Gender Scents

Confessions of a Rebel, a brand developed by Scentbird, blends traditionally feminine notes with masculine undertones, and vice versa, creating unisex fragrances that are enjoyable by all. Confessions of a Rebel‘s new fragrances, Let’s Be Real and Morning After, refresh the skin and help heighten the moment. Let’s Be Real has a lovely bouquet of orange zest, lavender, orange blossom as well as jasmine, tuberose, and tonka bean. Vanilla bean, crystallized musk, and cashmere woods add a touch of complexity to the fruity and flowery mix. Belonging to the family of Flower Amber, the scent is alluring, sophisticated, slightly heady and crisp. Recommended for women but can be used by men too.

Cruelty-free, you can find it at

Morning After from the collection of Confessions of a Rebel has a light and refreshing Fougere fragrance that helps you reawaken your senses the morning after a rowdy evening. Herbaceous notes include cardamom and lavender, Italian lemon, as well as geranium, artemisia, and coconut wood. Some patchouli undernotes with tonka bean and oakmoss linger beneath leaving an exiting trace of subtle rapture. Morning After belongs to the Fougere Fragrance Family: Fougere is traditionally masculine, but popular with women too. Find it at

These fragrances are available full size at Although, if you don’t feel like committing to a full bottle, you can sample one fragrance per month at $15.95/month.