Delve Into the Heavenly Realm of Wellnesse

Wellnesse products harness the goodness of nature for beauty’s sake, and forego all of the unhealthy additives. Here are some of their products that we cherish:

Revitalizing Dry Shampoo for All Hair Types: Hibiscus and Blackberry
Powerful natural ingredients will revitalize your hair from root-to-tip in just a few shakes. Oil-absorbing kaolin clay and volume-boosting tapioca work together to refresh hair at the roots with an amazing aroma. Lavender oil and cactus flower help balance scalp and strands’ natural pH, and hibiscus is added for healthy hair growth. Simply tousle your mane to add volume for a quick mid-day refresh whenever needed, or sprinkle to absorb oil and post-workout sweat. Work in to maintain color-treated or extend styled ‘dos, naturally.

Wellnesses Smoothing Shampoos and Enriching Conditioners
Wellnesse’s nourishing formulas moisturize, smooth, and soften. Their Cleansing Shampoo contains keratin, quinoa, and lavender for hair that’s silky-soft and easy to manage. The Nourishing Conditioner adds extra moisture and shine, due to avocado butter, argan oil, and jojoba. Both contain nettle leaf extract, which supports growth and prevents breakage. Crafted for all hair types and also for curly/wavy hair types, too.

Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste
This mineralizing toothpaste relies on natural ingredients to clean teeth, soothe gums, and freshen breath. All smiles, no harsh chemicals, and glycerin-free, this toothpaste contains green tea leaf extract, which is loaded with antioxidants, rather than flouride. Plus, a phytochemical in green tea is shown to fight bacteria that leads to tooth decay. Wellnesse combined this phytochemical with hydroxyapatite (a naturally-occurring mineral and main component of tooth enamel) to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.

Wellnesse Hand Sanitizer
This healthy-ingredient hand sanitizer is fantastic, too. And proceeds from it go to COVID-related charities.

You can also purchase these products in handy bundles. Check everything out at: