Emilie Hoyt, Founder of LATHER: Skincare with Total Transparency

LATHER is a woman-owned skincare company dedicated to creating the cleanest products with total ingredient transparency. The collection includes face, hair and body care with absolutely no synthetics, including no fragrances. I met the founder of Lather, Emilie Hoyt , and asked her questions about the brand.

Why is LATHER a truly clean skincare brand, unlike others who only pretend to be?

When I founded LATHER in 1999, it was before the term “clean” was trendy in the beauty industry. LATHER was created out of my own personal need, growing up with debilitating migraines that greatly altered my everyday living. Through extensive research, I discovered that synthetic fragrances in my personal care products were the culprit behind these migraines. Most brands at that time did not have clean ingredients, especially not synthetic fragrance-free, as their focus. I was determined to fill a need in the beauty industry, and this has led to a growing business over the last 21 years.

We are proud to remain a woman-owned independent brand with thousands of loyal customers who trust LATHER to bring them wellness-based hair, skin, and body products for results they can feel good about inside and out.

Why can LATHER be used by people with sensitivities?

This is a great question! Many customers come to LATHER after hearing my personal story about how I discovered that synthetic fragrance in beauty products was triggering my migraines. Other customers find that our products don’t cause irritation or breakouts like other products they’ve used. For many people, LATHER products work for them in a way that no other product has. However, it is very important to note that people have unique skin needs and can be sensitive to many different ingredients. While LATHER is soothing for most people, especially those with sensitivities to synthetic fragrance, dyes, and harsh chemicals, there are some individuals who are sensitive to some of our ingredients. Just because an ingredient is “natural” doesn’t mean it works for all individuals. For example, if someone is sensitive to sea kelp they should avoid our Sea Kelp Body Wash that is made with real sea kelp. That’s part of what makes us a transparent company – we are driven by products that truly benefit people, which we acknowledge look different depending on the person.

I really love the LATHER Leg Lotion. What makes it so soothing for tired legs and to the skin?

Thank you! I’m so happy you love it. We have heard similar feedback from so many people… nurses, teachers, flight attendants, and even ballerinas. It truly is a one-of-a-kind product and is formulated with shea butter and aloe for a silky texture that is easily absorbed. However, what really sets it apart is an essential oil blend that includes peppermint, elderberry, rosemary, and eucalyptus — which together create a stimulating and cooling effect. We also added MSM, a plant-derived sulfur compound that helps to ease arthritis, leg cramps, and inflammation.

The LATHER Cooling Leg Lotion is a must for everyone who experiences discomfort when standing, especially in the summer. The plant-based lotion combines botanical extracts, essential oils, and MSM. The cooling sensation makes your legs feel much lighter. Use during the day and after a long day lying down and lifting your legs against the wall. It is an amazing sensation of relief! No parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, artificial color, mineral oil, and ingredients that naturally contain gluten. Never tested on animals.


Try also the Lather 100% Mineral Zinc-based Sheer Tinted Sunscreen that provides high potency SPF 50 broad-spectrum protection. It feels much lighter than most sunscreens, and produces a soft matte finish. Ingredients include antioxidant green tea, olive leaf, and rosemary extracts to protect against free radicals and shea butter to moisturize skin. No parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, artificial color, or mineral oil. Never tested on animals.