How to Achieve that Rainbow Glow During Pride Month

There is still time to get ready, sparkle and shine brilliantly at all of the festivities this month of Gay Pride. Following are several products to help everyone in the LGBTQ+ community and supporters look their very best from the city parades to group gatherings, concerts, parties and all celebrations.

Get ready for the celebration with a bath or shower and the latest bar soap from Carrière Frères — APOTHECA. This floral-aromatic scented soap is luxury as the French often produce. It’s 100% natural and certified organic. It’s made with essential oils and the scent is a fantastic blend with hints of peppermint, blood orange, lavender, eucalyptus and cedar. This bar soap turns bath time into an escape to serenity. It also makes a great gift for any pride party host or hostess.


Revel in the accomplishments with a fresh face and Eve Lom products. Start with their Cleanse (déaquiller) to remove dirt, makeup and debris and gently remove the grit from the city and sweat — creation always begins with a fresh canvas, palate and epidermis. Next, follow-up with their Kiss Mix Moisturizer and radiance for hydration. For those who need a little deeper cleanse, try their Rescue Mask and Radiance Repair Retino l Serum. These products will certainly help you look fresh and your very best while marching on for peace, equality and justice. Make a purchase here: Eve Lom

Considering the latest heat wave, my guess is that parade days and outdoor events are going to be scorching. I recommend you put a little deodorant in your purse, backpack, satchel or tote. Tom’s of Maine has a new coconut mango scent, and it’s made with 100% recycled plastic, and it protects against odor and wetness. You will need this product at any large gathering or dance party. The scent is alluring and you just may be mistaken for a piña colada. Be sweet and don’t sweat!

Tom’s of Maine

Your hair will shine like the top of the Chrysler Building, The London Eye, Lady Liberty’s torch, Giza or perhaps the Eiffel Tower with Balmain from Paris. I’ve used these hair products for several years and can attest to their product claims. I recommend their gift set. It contains: Shampoo, Conditioner and Balmain Activating Scalp Treatment — a serum that helps people with thinning hair concerns. It works and has a woody plus amber fragrance. Learn more here:


Open your eyes and wave your multi-colored flag proudly. It’s all about the lashes and I’ve recently tried and tested this product by Sky Organics — Organic Castor Oil Eyelash Serum. I was skeptical at first but it does work. It’s made from the seeds of the castor plant and the usage dates back to ancient Egypt. It was originally used to fuel lamps and for medicinal purposes; however, it also can beautify the skin and hair. Cleopatra allegedly used it to brighten her eyes. It does. You simply apply it to your eyelashes like mascara and even on the first application, you will notice thicker and longer lashes. Sky Organics

Note: The Pride March in New York City is on Sunday, June 30.