Everything’s Coming Up Lavender

New seasons, new reasons… Lavender is for relaxation, soothing a frazzled spirit, and reveling in the uplifting intoxication of this natural scent. It’s perfect for back-to-the grind after summer’s fading glow. TO that end, we’ve rounded up a bounty of excellent lavender products for you:

Zum Rub contains skin-softening goat’s milk, shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, lavender and more goodness to moisturize dry skin. Available at IndigoWild.com, this all-purpose salve works on lips, elbows, heels, cuticles, tattoos, hair frizz and even as a makeup remover. Save some space and money with this all-purpose, sweet-smelling skin saver.

Zum Mist will impart the relaxing scent of lavender to your room, clothes, workplace, gym bag, baby’s room (this contains no chemical emulsifiers), dog bed, car — or wherever you please. Ideal as a post-workout refresher, this smells incredible. Find it at IndigoWild.com.

Herbal Dynamics’ ESSENTIALS Lavender Hydrosol Mist is a fantastic, lavender-infused spray that will calm and comfort irritated skin. It helps balance the skin’s pH level, soothes redness, and calms irritation associated with acne. It’s 100% natural and contains organic ingredients. Order it at https://herbaldynamicsbeauty.com.

GOODJANES Face Latte Serum helps revitalize dull, tired skin with its refreshing blend of lavender, jojoba, green tea, and other gifts from Mother Nature. Rich and buttery, this latte serum is vegan, not tested on animals, made in the USA, and crafted with naturally derived ingredients. Its creamy goodness will leav eyour skin feeling like velvet. Find it at GoodJanes.com.

Indigo Wild‘s hand-made, lavender Zum Soap will bring the heady, soothing aroma of Provence in summer to your shower, and it will moisturize your skin, too. Made with goat’s milk, this soap is ideal for sensitive skin and balances pH levels. Available in Lavender, and Frankincense-Lavender, as well as more than 30 other scents. Stock up at https://www.indigowild.com.