Fall Favorites: Boscia, Raincry, ReVive + Serumkind

New season, new reason to shine! We’ve rounded up our favorite products for Fall + Winter, and we think you’ll love them too:

ReVive’s DEFENSIF Environmental Antioxidant Booster battles the damaging effects of urban air, pollution, blue light wavelengths and other skin-stressors, leaving your skin smooth, hydrated, and silky. Blending one drop of this beneficial supplement with your moisturizer boosts skin’s defenses against environmental stressors as a Bio-Renewal Protein helps to renew skin. This miracle booster has been formulated with ingredients known to protect from environmental aggressors and improve the appearance of damaged skin and is a great holiday gift for friends and family, too. Find it HERE.

ReVive’s Self-Tan Booster
Prolong your summer glow with ReVive’s Self Tanner, which doesn’t leave your skin looking artificial and fake, but instead imparts a summery sheen. Perfect for date nights and formal affairs, this could be your secret weapon for looking well-rested and healthy. A tailor-made approach to self-tanning all year round, simply mix with your face or body moisturizer to gradually develop a natural-looking, beautifully bronzed tan. Delivers all the benefits of being sun-kissed from head to toe without the negative impact of the sun! Add a few skin-renewing drops to your moisturizer to get a gorgeous, natural glow. Read more HERE.

Boscia’s Cryosea Firming Icy-Cold Cleanser leaves your face feeling clean and tingling in the most delightful way. Imagine the bracing freshness of snow combined with red algae, menthol, sea kelp, sea water and more to awaken tired, dull epidermis. 100% vegan, and without artificial fragrance, preservatives, or coloring, you can feel great about supporting this brand. Read more at https://www.boscia.com/shop/product_detail.php?products_id=362.

Boscia’s Triple Hyaluronic & Honeydew Moisture Boost Gel Masks are a thoroughly natural way to hydrate and refresh skin as the weather turns cooler this fall and winter. Keep these in mind for Holiday 2020 stocking stuffers too, as they’re ultra-effective and hydrating. Replenish and restore! Read more at: https://www.boscia.com/shop/product_detail.php?products_id=360.

Boscia’s Berry Blend Smoothing Facial is comprised of 28% Acid Complex and is devoid of articifical fragrance and colors, as well as preservatives. This facial mask intensely refines and resurfaces lackluster skin for a visibly smooth ad youthful complexion. It also diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, sweeps away dead skin, and leaves skin looking bright and radiant. Read more at https://www.boscia.com/shop/product_detail.php?products_id=361.

Raincry’s Volume Daily Densifying Treatment will add luxurious density and volume to your tresses. Simply spray on damp hair, style as usual and let dry, and you’ll notice a difference in the texture and quality of your hair after just a few uses. With a pleasing scent, this will soon be considered a daily essential. Rife with copper, biotin, bamboo and other goodies for strong and luxurious hair, this is an awesome product. Read more at https://raincry.com/products/daily-densifying-treatment-1.

Raincry’s Rebuild Bond Repair will heal hair that’s been damaged by too much coloring, sun, or over-processing. Rich and creamy, sweet-smelling, and uber-effective, this is a solution-in-a-bottle for all of your hair problems. This is an advanced leave-in that targets damaged tresses and is designed to strengthen and protect hair by rebuilding the cortex and cuticle bonds. Using a cutting-edge blend of Collagen Peptides, CBD Oil and Lotus Flower, this lightweight formula also helps to seal in moisture and protect your hair from the inside out, defending against breakage and split-ends for ultra-strong, healthy strands. Perfect for damaged and brittle hair textures. Apply to wet or dry hair as needed daily, focusing on damaged areas and leave-in. Order at https://www.raincrybeauty.com/products/rebuild-bond-repair?variant=31313725685804.

Serumkind’s YelloMello Drop with quince essence improves stretched pores due to various factors and prevents the pores from expanding by addressing excessive sebum secretion, and forms a strong ‘pore balance.’ This serum is light but will impart great hydration to your skin; apply 2-3 drops to yoru clean face after prepping your skin with toner and let the product absorb. Containing Marmelo, the “golden apple” of Europe, this product smells wonderful and marmelo has been beloved since the ancient Greek and Roman era. Its leaves contain beneficial antioxidants and astringent, purifying substances. Find it at https://serumkind.com/products/yellomello-drop.