Fight Wrinkles Better with Nature’s Bounty + Science

As the cold weather arrives on us, your skin needs to be protected against the drying air that causes wrinkles and lines to be more visible. Wrinkle-fighting is one of the first concerns of skincare for all women. These pesky lines make our skin look withered and aged. Finding the right products that actually work requires a lot of trying and testing.
Here are favorite new products that get the job done!

Eminence Organic Skin Care recently launched an Eminence Marine Flower Peptide Concentrate that helps to reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles with use. Featuring key ingredients like botanical peptides from rice protein, blue-green algae extract and brown algae extract, the Marine Flower Peptide Concentrate is a gel-like lightweight formula that absorbs quickly and helps reveal smoother, revitalized, firmer-looking skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will appear less visible thanks to the Smart Collagen + Complex and the power of algae that firm and hydrate.

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Wear the Eminence Marine Flower Peptide Lip Serum to help fight the lines around your lips or try layering it under your favorite lipstick to for an
added boost. Find it at

The new Reserveage Beauty Pro Collagen Booster is a newcomer in the fight against wrinkles and flabby skin. The dermatologically tested, science-backed set is supported by over 29 clinical studies that confirm that it smoothes the appearance of crow’s feet, reinforces the skin’s barrier, and improves elasticity in 30 days. Thanks to proprietary micro-encapsulated copper peptides and nine powerful ingredients, including Majestem™, Renovage™, and Rigin™ real results are assured.

Collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin topically but copper peptides are very able to plump up fine lines, increase skin elasticity, and even skin tone. The collection includes Reserveage Beauty Firming Neck Cream, Reserveage Beauty Firming Face Cream, Reserveage Beauty Illuminating Eye Cream and Reserveage Beauty Hydrating Hand & Foot Cream.
The products penetrate the skin effortlessly and immediately reinforce its barrier to hydrate deeply and strengthen it. I love how the products sink in and seem to boost the skin on contact. Find the Reserveage Beauty Firming Cream at

Graydon Full Moon Serum uses a retinol alternative that hydrates the skin and smoothes out wrinkles. Botanical retinol derived from moth bean and hibiscus plumps up the skin and reinforces the skin barrier function. Vitamin C from moringa, hyaluronic acid naturally derived from senna, and copper-rich malachite add protection against the drying elements in the air. If you have large pores, plant-based collagen can help to reduce their size and excess oil will be tackled with chamazulene-rich blue tansy. The texture of the serum is fluid with a light blue color. It does not feel heavy on the skin at all but melts into its texture to make one with it. Apply the serum to nourish your skin and support its daily battle against all aging factors. After the serum, apply the Graydon Face Glow tinted Moisturizer, Primer, and Illuminator. Perfect for the no-make-up look, it instills radiance and a subtle flattering tint to your visage while promoting skin elasticity. Graydon the founder is a believer in gemstone crystals. The aqua blue hue of her products is due to blue malachite, an ingredient known for detoxifying the skin with its antioxidant properties and increasing collagen production by way of copper found within. Your skin will feel revitalized at

There’s nothing quite like peptides to fight wrinkles and boost the complexion. The Vitabrid C12 Wrinkle Serum is a brand new launch and has an exclusive ingredient no other brand on the market has right now. This unique formula called Secret Code P-151™ is designed to enhance the delivery of peptides, unlocking the skin’s ability to effectively absorb its novel peptides to further promote collagen. This will nurture and boost moisture retention to help support firmer and youthful-looking skin, while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With the added benefits of Niacinamide and Bisabolol, this serum also boosts antioxidant benefits, which help reduce skin discoloration and even out skin tone and texture.

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The Ahava Apple of Sodom Advanced Deep Wrinkle Cream is a rich day cream that reduces the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles with the power of the Apple of Sodom, a poisonous plant with special benefits for fighting deep lines and the unique wonder of the Dead Sea Minerals. These minerals include magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium that support healthy skin. Lack of enough minerals in the diet can contribute to aged wrinkled skin. The water in the formula contains 34% of solid minerals.
The feathery cream hydrates and plumps up your visage while smoothing facial contours. Use it in combination with the Ahava Apple of Sodom Overnight Deep Wrinkle Mask that helps the skin restore itself naturally. The watery, deeply hydrating cream dematerializes immediately into the epidermis improving elasticity on contact. Combined with unique local botanicals, Ahava products can reduce wrinkles and smooth skin naturally.
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