Flagrant + Fragrant Delecto for V-Day

Whether you pleasure yourself and others through scent, touch, or both this Valentine’s Day, here are two brands to have within easy reach in your boudoir:

Candier is Cheekier

Candier by Ryan Porter candles provide fragrant delights with an imaginative array of scents with names like You’re The Icing To My Donut, I’d Swipe Right For You and Missing you Like Candy. Big and chunky, these candles smell as sweet as their sentiments and have only human-friendly ingredients.

The Candier roll-on essential oil perfumes are divine. Girl, Calm The F Down is blissfully scented with neroli and cedar wood in a natural base of sweet almond and jojoba oils. Mmmmm. Purse sized at 10ml/0.33 fl oz, you’ll want this in pocket for pleasure. Babygirl Go to Sleep is another olfactory treat, with calming ylang ylang and lavender, and Girl, Stop Stressing blends patchouli with luscious bergamot to re-adjust tension levels and set them to relaxed and pampered. No toxic anything in these blends means happy, healthy gifting. Find them all here along with other delights.


The Starburst Experience

Our Erotic Journey and Sec Guo brings you something truly out of this world: the Starburst vibrator. As brightly colored as a candy Starburst in yellow, green, red, etc., this aptly named, crazy-great little extra-terrestrial gadget has a moving “tongue” for pinpoint precision and 8 modes to create a seeing-stars kind of Valentine’s Day. It comes with a USB charging cable and travel bag, and is whisper-quiet. It’s also water resistant for showers, tropical waterfalls, hot tubs, and natural whirlpools. Each charge will provide 60 minutes of out-of-this-world, erotic alien-abduction exhilaration for you, a partner, or a fortunate gift recipient. Give the gift of pleasure this year.