Fulfill Stellar Desires for the Astrology Lover in Your Life

I am a believer that the stars and cosmos have led us on journeys for this lifetime. Any opportunity I have to celebrate and sport astrological symbols – I’m 100% here for it. If you’re a star child like me, here are my favorite items to pick up for any spiritual person in your life:

Wear the signs on your sleeves (or hair or neck) with Echo New York’s Written In The Stars 35″ Silk Square Scarf. A wearable work of art that will impress even the most skeptical of folks (or those who don’t even know what sign they are), this design is all twelve signs paired with their constellations and circling a sun in the middle in a style of brilliant colors with awe-inspiring details. I wore this scarf across my shoulders for an evening out with friends and received comments on how beautiful it was under the moonlight. On bad hair days, I wrap my curls up in the flowing silk and pair it with a bold red lip for an effortless glamour.

Though every occasion doesn’t require a silk scarf, this winter necessitates a cozy hat. My everyday go-to is the Horoscope Beanie, so I can proudly display my star sign Taurus. My earthly desires were satisfied by the warmth of the hat and the stylish stitching that captivated my heart. Every time I put it on I feel my energy shine with joy, even on the darkest of days. Horoscope Beanie is available in all the signs, so snag one or twelve for the closet signs in your life, especially the Sags, since this can double as holiday and birthday gift! Find the scarf and beanie here.

Every occasion (and sign) is enhanced by fragrance and that is something Zodiac Perfumery does beautifully. Their latest holiday release: Zodiac Perfume Palette is fit for the inviting Libra, spirited Leo, whimsical Pisces, and boss babe Capricorn. Zodiac Perfumery only crafts their fragrances with the highest quality ingredients, and is vegan, cruelty free, and skin-sensitive. This palette contains twelve mini perfumes (which equals a year’s worth of perfume) and twelve perfume strips to deliver a vibe for every scent. There is a wheel at the top of the box to spin and see what other signs to pair with each other. I paired my sign of Taurus with Capricorn for a green yet citrusy aroma that made me feel like the millions of dollars that these signs acquire. For more mixture ideas there is a card to help manifest events like success, love, money, and destiny. I paired my big three (Leo, Taurus, Sag) together for my perfect perfume pairing and got tons of compliments from my besties. Around my Libra crush, I spritz the Libra scent and layered the Scorpio scent since his Venus is in the sign. I like to think it worked as we ended up sitting next to each other during class and bounced back and forth analyzing poetry. Find it here.

May the stars be ever in your favor this holiday season, dear reader!