G Herbal for Purer, More Powerful Supplements + Skincare

The world of supplements is like the world of wine, coffee, or perfume in that you find some simply ok brands and you find some truly superior ones. G Herbal is one of the finer brand because it uses traditional ingredients with benefits that have stood the test of time. The raw ingredients in their formulas are sustainably grown in the volcanic soil of Sumatra and Java, identified as the most biodiverse regions in the world.

In these farms, unique extraction methods are used, based on the local Jamu traditional herbal medicine passed down by Javanese women from mother to daughter for 1300 years. One of the earliest and most extensive documentations of Jamu is a medicine book from Mataram, circa 1700, that contains 3,000 entries of Jamu recipes. This Jamu tradition can prevent and treat ailments from the common cold to anxiety and eczema. All ingredients are extracted to preserve their purity and nutritious potency according to Jamu combined with cutting edge science to optimize mind and body function.

G Herbal’s farm-to-capsule, non-GMO supplements are gluten-free and vegan friendly. All of G Herbal’s extracts are produced in FDA accredited facilities that adhere to current WHO GMP standards and processes. The collection is also beautiful, impeccably packaged for purity and cleanliness in metallic tubes with a cork top. You can order refills in resealable envelopes when the tubes get empty.

The G Herbal Body collection helps you supercharge your body’s core functions. Ingredients include noni, gotu kola & Javanese turmeric. Morinda citrifolia helps with immunity, anti-inflammation, and vitality by repairing damaged cells in the body and activating the immune system. A powerful naturally available analgesic, it has pain relief effects comparable to those of certain medications, and it includes flavonoids such as asperulosidic acid, rutin, nonioside A, and tricetin shown to alleviate the symptoms of chronic inflammation.

The neuroprotective effects of gotu kola appear to be associated with increased mitochondrial activity, improved antioxidant status, and inhibition of pro-inflammatory enzymes. Curcumin improves liver function by accelerating the regeneration of liver cells and combats infections by lowering inflammation and boosting immune response and antibody production. Xanthorrhizol, a compound found only in the curcuma xanthorrhiza and included in the G herbal capsules, has been shown to lower the pro-inflammatory response. With regular usage, your body’s natural immune-response will be strengthened. You will feel greater mental clarity and energy. Even after using a capsule, I felt different… experiencing more calm, focus, and sustained energy throughout the day. Start feeling better and more alive too, at: https://gherbal.com/us/product/body/

The G Herbal SKIN capsules will boost collagen, reduce blemishes, and improve hydration. Ingredients include centella asiatica, which has naturally occurring triterpenes that stimulate collagen synthesis by as much as 35%. Rich in amino acids, centella asiatica helps maintain your skin’s hydration levels and an overall smooth and supple complexion.
Garninia mangostana contains antioxidants called xanthones (including alpha-mangostin), shown to prevent collagen breakdown and premature aging. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are helpful in fighting infection and breakouts on the skin.

Javanese turmeric is rich with anti-bacterial properties that protect against cellular damage to the skin caused by free radicals. It has an astringent effect that reduces the appearance of pores, thus indirectly preventing acne and breakouts. Take two capsules at night to start glowing from within with a clearer complexion.

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