Get to the Airport, We’re Going Traveling!

There are two types of people when it comes to packing. Camp one: the know-it-alls, the seasoned pros, the TSA pre-check babes who never miss a beat or discounted flight. Camp two: Stressed, frazzled, and an overall mess who can’t decide to pack extra socks or that really cute purse. It’s okay, this article is for everyone but especially the latter. Here are some items that I’ll be putting in my checked bag this traveling season, and you should too:

Before we even start packing, let’s get the nails in order. Rave Nailz is the brand for the cutest, eye-catching, and long-lasting press-ons that are cruelty-free and vegan. Perfect for the beach and ski slopes. With an assortment of styles to choose from, I decided on the Groovy Nails to get into a flower-power-zen-hippie mood before I even touch my passport. Spending some time doing my nails with their all-included kit is my ticket to R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G. I waited ten minutes to let the glue dry while I watched “That 70’s Show” and ta-daa, my nails are looking tres cute! Now onto packing…

Suited Nomad is for the packing overachievers (or those who just want to not misplace one of their many pairs of shirts while on vacation). Their Compression Packing Cubes makes organization seamless and compact, meaning more stuff and less space. The double zippers render it easy to push out excess air after packing the cubes. I was able to put six shirts, three shorts, three pants, and ten pairs of undies in two of the bags. There’s even a toiletry pouch for any eye creams, washes, or lipsticks that usually get shoved in a sandwich baggie. Not this time; they are protected and orderly with Suited Nomad. Additionally, their shoe bags are a game-changer. Usually I just wrap my shoes in plastic bags and say a little prayer, but this time I can have my shoes stowed away without worrying about them dirtying my clothes. Suited Nomad knows how to make traveling less of either/or and more of yes to both!

No matter if I’m drinking from a coconut or local cafe, I want to have a straw. A must-have for traveling is a glass straw. I’m able to cut down on my carbon footprint and avoid those soggy paper straws that ruin my sipping experience. Drinking Straws Glass has my heart with their adorable designs, from sea turtles, mushrooms, and even an octopus! Their sizes also vary with boba and smoothie straws for thicker drinks. For easy travel I slip my straw into the traveling pouch for safe keeping. Their eco-conscious mission enables me to travel knowing each time I say no to plastic straws, it’s a yes to a cleaner Earth. Drinking Straws Glass is my traveling buddy, home and abroad.

Why be annoyed with toothbrushes that never seem to stay clean, fall on the bathroom floor while at a resort or hostel, and always have a weird smell after hanging out in your carry-on bag? No more with SNOW’s Advanced Whitening Electric Toothbrush. This brilliant brush comes with a LED case to sanitize your brush (buh-bye germies) and has the power to keep your teeth hella healthy, even while backpacking through the mountains. The brush offers LED treatments: blue light is for whitening, red for gum care, and purple for both. This kit also offers a face brush and tooth scraper – truly the pinnacle of travel luxury. SNOW is the only brush I can travel with from here on out.

Hair health is always important but while traveling, even more so. The Inde Wild Champi Hair Oil is the best traveling companion, coming in at 1.7 ounces, multifunctional, and made with hair loving ingredients. Created by Diipa Buller-Khosla, Champi Hair Oil is formulated with Indian Ayurvedic traditional herbs like castor oil, hibiscus flower extract, and tulsi leaf (and many many more) it’s perfect to place a few drops in your hair before take off. Or try it as a hot oil treatment after a day in the sun and salt water. Just heat it up, place it on fingertips and get to massaging the scalp. Breathe in deep and enjoy the herbal-floral scent that makes vacation all that more relaxing. Champi Hair Oil transforms the mind and body to a happy place, no matter the location.

Sitting in wet bikinis while on boat rides or sweating through undies while hiking through the rainforest can send vaginal PH into ragging chaos. V Vitamins are a solution to the situation down under. Simply take the 600mg hydrogen borate suppositories, insert it with an applicator, and let it dissolve. It aids in treatment of BV and yeast infections, which can often occur when new bacteria is introduced. V Vitamins come in a choice of vegetable capsule or beef collagen, both work amazingly. This little bottle is convenient to travel with especially since it comes with a thirty day supply. Try V Vitamins for yourself and see the change!