Gifts For Scorpio Season

Dark. Mysterious. Secretive. Yet loyal, particular, and deep. Love or hate Scorpios, everyone has an opinion about them. Here are my picks for what these sting-y signs will adore for their Halloween-meets-birthday-mashup-party.

Inked By Dani

Tatted up without commitment sounds like a fun time to the edgy Scorpio. Introducing: INKED by Dani, a temporary tattoo all grown up for the stylish, sexy, and soft-hearted Scorpios who want the look without the pain. The Deluxe Gift Set is the ideal present with a three pack, sponge, and spray bottle for easy application for a night out! This set comes with three styles of tattoos which all are made from vegan and waterproof ink. Crafted by Dani herself, she draws all the designs so there’s a style for every body! Speaking of body, apply these tattoos to the face, arms, fingers, legs, or my personal fav, the neck for a little peak-a-boo action!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to apply: grab the tattoo that catches your eye, peel off the plastic, apply to clean and dry skin, spray with water, and hold for thirty seconds. And you’re done! A cute tattoo that can last up to two weeks or if you want a fresh ink for real, simply remove with an oil. My friends and I did a tattoo night with tramp stamps of flowers, sparkles on the neck, and I had a little wishbone on my collarbone. My Scorpio friend gave the temp tats a wicked smile and a happy dance, so #scorpioapproved.


Seven Pine Apothecary

Herbal magic is right up Scorpio’s alley, and what better gift to give than heavenly body cream and soothing essential oils from Seven Pines Apothecary. Created by Jessica Fields, a Certified Aromatherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, and rockstar mama! A master in mindfulness and all elements of self care, Seven Pines Apothecary offers divine products along with sensual services like massage and spa pampering. I adored the previous goodies I tried this summer so I have to recommend these products for my sister sign, Scorpio. The Morning Rose Body Cream is an enriching thick cream that seamlessly sinks into the skin, leaving behind a floral aroma of Pure Rose, Grapefruit, Sandalwood, and Spike Lavender. Scorpios will be enchanted by the sweet and flowering scent that lasts for hours on end, perfect after morning showers or evening baths. This heart-opening lotion will activate the heart chakra for joy, attraction, and devotion to self-love for the wearer.

Despite being a water sign, the scorpions are never “chill” being still waters that run very, very deep. To help them foster a sense of peace, even for a few moments, snag them the Meditation Essential Oil Roll On. As the name suggests this oil is created around to ease anxieties with the herbal, soothing notes of Lavender, Rosemary, Patchouli and Cedarwood. This oil is ideal for harsh cold days, when the scorpion can apply it to their wrists, under the nose, and behind the ears to center themselves throughout the day.


The Bee & The Fox

Scorpios are known to wear all black but sometimes (on the rare sighting) I’ve seen them decked out in graphic tees and smiles. The best I’ve found to match this sign’s deep personality is The Bee & The Fox. Mom-owned-and-run by Ashley, a woman who knows how fashion influences our identities and shows to the world (without words): this is who I am. What’s more Scorpio than that?! I’ve been wearing my The Bee & The Fox shirts and gifting them to Scorpio friends who love the soft fabric and cute sayings.

For the Scorpio who loves to visit the local library for murder-mysteries-rom-coms, they would love the Support Your Local Library shirt.

For the scorpions whose waters run deep, may I suggest the Summer of Love and Stand Up for What You Stand On shirts, which sport a message of love and empowerment.

For a laid back Scorpio (let’s be honest, there are very few of those but let’s pretend) they would adore the warm caramel shirt that reads If It Comes Let It, If It Goes Let It.

And for all the Scorpios in your life, they will appreciate this message: The Older I Get The Fewer Fucks I Give, in sock form, of course. The Bee & The Fox offers men and kids clothing too, so shop for all the prickly-yet-loving water signs in your life.